Friday, August 10, 2012

Look at the sea. It's awesome !
I love sea a lot. But too bad, I don't know how to swim. >.<
I wish to learn but I need someone to teach me. Haha !
This is my langkawi trip :)
With who? My lover and his buddy ! 

 We went a lot of places. Including aquarium, cable car, pulau duyung etc etc. 
Forgot those places name, LOL.
The most cute picture ever is this !!!
Look at the picture below yo :)

 Tadaaaaaa !
This one :)
They are so cuteeeeee !
Gonna ki siao when I 1st look at them. 

 We went to Pulau Mengandung ~
and another pulau but I don't know the name. 

 Our group photo :)

The time when we taking boat to the destination.
Arghhhh I should post this earlier.
Cz I've forgotten all the place's name  >.<
Next post gonna be Phuket post :)
Stay Tune ya !!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hey I'm back ! Zellions of months I never update my blog. I'm so sorry as I'm too busy with my work and stuff. FYI, I'm having my internship now in Penang and I'm having my part time job too. So is kinda busy for this few months. But no worries, I will continue to update my blog. As I went to Sarawak on last month. Gonna update it very SOOON...stay tune ok?

Good night peeps :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

GingerBread ROCKSSSS !

Oh yeahhhh finally all the stocks has arrived for the 1st batch !!!
This is the 1st time I selling Accessories. Thanks for all my friends and customer for support !!

Ferrari Casing. Seriously, all the casing's quality is superb good and good looking.

The black sheep casing is mine !!
Love MAX <3
Damn shinning and attractive =)

Oh ya this is the NEW accessories for Iphone/Samsung/HTC or any other model of phone.
Less radiation if you use this compare with what we normally done when you're on a phone.
Besides this is so STYLISH. Many of the actor, celebrities use this too..

Iphone User especially gurlsss. You will love this.
This is mot just a soft toy but it is an Iphone casing !!!!
So cute and adorable. Your girl friend will jealous you when you are using this serious shyt !




Lastly Hello Kitty !!!
This Hello Kitty is one of my customer buy it for his GF as he know she is a Hello Kitty Fan.
How sweet it is !!!

This is the packaging ~~
Interested on all these stuffs?

Please visit GingerBread in FB.
Comment on the page or the photo and I will reply u very soon.

If not you can always send email to me @ =)
I'll check my mailbox everyday, do not worry.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Iphone Casing - Cinderella is here !!! ♥

I'm so IN LOVE with this casing seriously. My favorite is the Pink colour one.
GOSH ! Gurls out there don't you fall in love with this casing?
Wanna pamper yourselves with this Iphone cover?
Hmmm it's easy and you can get yours one now !
Just email me at " OR FaceBook Private Message me.
I will reply you ASAP babe.
Hope you can support me ^^
Quality guarantee good yea.

Iphone Flowery Casing !! ♥

Flowery Bling Casing is here.
Interested with them? It's easy to order here.
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I will reply you ASAP.
The quality guarantee good =)
PM me for the best price yea. ^^

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Iphone Casing ♥ DOLL Casing =D

Helllloo ~ Owner of da Iphone 4/4s. Good news for you and me =D
I've just found out this from my friend !!!!
Guess what ! IS a latest type of cute Iphone casing, HUGE doll behind da casing.
SO CUTE seriously. Gurls you gonna love it deeeeeeeply !
Interested with it?
Just email me at or Facebook Private Message me. I will reply you as soon as possible =)