Friday, July 29, 2011

CLINIQUE Star Tour 2011 - Final

Lalala ~ 2 days after the photoshooting, my picta is uploaded in da Clinique's web gallery.
I've edited the lighting due to the original picture makes me look so dark - i mean my skin tone.
This is one of the best among the worst one.
I hope i can re-take for one more time because tis is real ugly for me.
But can't i think. So just forget about it, i just take this for fun XD
E, T and me were so worried about our photo before uploaded in da gallery.
Finally it is there. Hope that you guys won't laugh at me for this >.<
Just wanna share it with you all. =)

I'm back to Penang today.
So what's my plan? I think no more outing this trip? Hmm because i didn't back to hometown for 2 months !!! So i wish to spend more time with my family members since my bro is back from kl.
My elder sis gonna back on next week too ! Can't wait to see you, IMY. =D

Oh ya before i forget.
Penang babes if you're interested in Clinique's photoshoot, please visit Queensbay on Saturday 30th of July and Gurney Plaza for 31st of July, which mean is this week. =D
Oh gosh alr 2.10am right now, gotta slp right now.
Night guys.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CLINIQUE Star Tour 2011 - Part 2

Yea I went for Clinique star tour today.
At 1st i planned to go at 10am after class but unfortunately I can't wake up @.@
When i woke up was 12pm. GOSH !!!
I knew that there gonna be alot of people Q-ing up there.

Yes. As i guess. Look at there. How crowded when 1.30pm.
The weather is freaking HOT !
No jokes. The weather is killing people.
I'm sweat like hell when i try to get my registration foam.
They told me at least 1 hour to reach my turn.

TaDaaaa! My foam. RM35 for this.
Since she say need to wait for an hour, so i plan to went for cafeteria for brunch.
But do you believe that it just need an hour to reach my turn?
Haha ! Then you are wrong if you feel so.
When i went for the 2nd round, they told me need to wait for an hour AGAIN.
Okay. So i decided to attend class since i got nothing can do at there.
Then after 1 hour. I go back again with E and T.
Oh ya once again "you need to wait an hour more".
I was like : huh? what the hell? I was waiting like a crazy for da whole noon.
Fine. No choice. We have to wait no matter how long we should.

This time we gonna wait at the scene. Hoping that can reach our turn quickly because it is raining at that time. We met Wilson there, some of his friends are da hair stylists there. So he came to meet up with them. Nah this is the time to ask him for help.
What to help? Haha of course is taking photos for us. =D
Look at my face you will know how hot is the weather although it is raining at that time. >.<

While waiting, i capture some of the pixies there.

This is the booth that let you collect your door gift that worth RM130.

Finally reach my turn after waiting for almost 3 hours + !
Clinique Experts will start to apply moisturizer, toner and so on for us before make-up.
After that we wait for our turn to put on make-up.
There are total 8 Makeup Experts and 3 Hair Stylists.
Pity them. Have to work from 10am to 5pm.

Yeahhh finally is my turn.
Which eye shadow's colour should i choose?
Hmm i had chosen dark chocolate colour as one of my main colour.

She is just behind me. So manage to capture her while she was makeup-ing too.
But i don't know where is T going that time.
Duh sorry got no chance to capture you at that time. Sowieee =(

After make up is hrd. Haven done yet.
This picture looks weird.
I just simply capture for my memory. =)

Yea all done. Photoshooting done too.
But I'm disappointed with the shooting actually. >.<
Honestly, i knew that my picture is totally not nice !
I don't really like my makeup. It's too heavy for me.
My fren get shock when look at me.
Arghhh ! It's okay.
It is a new experience for me.
I had tried once in Shiseido's booth before this when i was 16 i think.
So this is my second time.
I will download the picture as they upload in the Clinique star tour website.

Pixies time.
E. She looks so much different with this hair.
I knew you don't like it.
But is a good try for you =D

Met Foon Foon, Wan Teng there.

Close-up one.
Can you feel how heavy is da make up? Hmmm....

After photo session. Back to home immediately as I'm really tired for standing and waiting da whole day there. Pixies and pixies again.
I'm feeling EMO today.
I think is because of da photoshoot.
I don't like mine one. It is totally................S-U-C-K-S for me.
I can't imagine how when my friends saw that.
Now just waiting for the photo to upload.
If got another chance, i hope i can reverse and try for another nicer shooting.

I love da hair-do right now.
It is much more nicer after sometimes.
Thanks to Wilson's friend for helping me. He is purposely wait until my turn then help me to style for my hair. Billions of thanks =D

I downloaded a new apps.
That is PhotoShake.
This is an awesome apps !! For Iphone user especially gals who loves to edit, you can try this.
I always use this to edit my photo by using this apps. =D

This is the Door Gift that worth for RM130 for today including a magazine.
The CLEO magazine is the latest one, August version. =)
The door gift include the 3 steps of skin care, mini mascara and sun block.
I can bring this to travel next time as my Shiseido's travelling pack is almost finish.
I just hoping that my photo that shown clinique website won't be that ugly. PLSSSS =(

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CLINIQUE Star Tour 2011 is BACK !

Anyone here is a fans of Clinique? Every year they will organised a star tour in different region and distinct. I missed this opportunity on last year, so i gotta join this event this year =D
Dream of being on the CLEO cover? YES ! You got da opportunity now ! Clinique gives you a chance to be CLEO cover girl. EXCITED to hear that? Hehehe grab this opportunity when you can !

Clinique Star Tour is coming to Kampar, Utar - My uni !
Woohooo !! Lalalalala ~ Excited =D
Clinique "Mobile Makeover Studio" will travel across the city and colleges so that most of the students can get a chance to get near to this Star Tour.

All you need to do is get The Star Tour 2011 voucher for RM35 on that day itself. Then you can get all of the stuffs below :

♥ Clinique 3-Step Skin Analysis and Prepping
♥ Makeup by Clinique Makeup Experts
♥ Hair-Styled
♥ Fashion Photograph
♥ Door Gift worth approximately RM130
♥ Lucky Draw at every location comprising handphones and cameras by Samsung, treatment vouchers from Miko Galere and Clinique fragrance
♥ Editorial-style photo shoot.

This is the schedule places that Clinique Star Tour will visit.
Tmr is Kampar's turn. Get yourself ready and get a nice shoot for tmr utarian =D
Last year this Clinique Star Tour located in EastGate there, hoping that this year will swtich place? Because there is hot and i saw everyone is sweating there.
Should bring umbrella or jacket if you're going tmr. If can, bring sunblock along too, hehe..
My purpose is to get some great experience and learn more about our skin condition.
It's hard to get into Top 25 as you know there are bunch of lengluis are joining for this.
So what are you waiting for?
Looking forward 2 see you guys there tmr =D

Friday, July 15, 2011

Say Hi to my Baby Gal ~ ♥

Hey ya readers ! I'm back into blog again. Recently busy with mid-term and assignment. It's normal because now is already week 7. Gosh time pass so fast !!!
Do you guys still remember i mentioned MoMo in my previous post?
Hmm today i'm gonnna blog about this.

Who is MoMo..Hehe try to look at da pictures below. =D

Taaadaaaaa ! MoMo is a Sugar Glider. How how? Looks cute right?

Actually i din think off wanna rare this but my boyfie love it, so i bought this for him as a anniversary present although our a nniversary is falls on September.
Buy earlier is better because i cant wait to meet with her ! I heard that now quite alot of people buy Sugar Glider as their pet especially in KL? I'm not sure with it but one think i'm sure with is Sugar Glider make good pets to human =D

MoMo is a female. Don't ask why i named her this but i love this name alot ^^
This is the 1st day she live inside my room. Before we get it from the seller, we bought her a cage, food and some other basic's thing that she need it.
Through some research that we've done, we know that suggie will be stressed for the 2-3 days after bringing them home, so we need to let her to be alone inside the cage for at least 24 hours before touching her. It's so hard to me to control myself not to touch her because i've waited for so long to bring her home. But this is one of the way atually to help us to bond the relationship with her. She is just 2 months old when we bring her back, so tiny.

Another picture of my MoMo. She is still not familiar with us when she came for the 1st few days, she will often make crabbing sound. This sound means that she is frightened, bothered or provoked. Besides, i heard she's barking on the second night. Barking means that she feel lonely and wants to grab our attention. So i try to talk to her when she is barking in da midnight around 5am, but after she hear my sound then she stop to bark anymore. She will make hissing sound sometimes. This usually will happen after she wake up from her pouch, around 2am. Suggie is active at night and sleep during the days.

This is her new cage. But this is too small for her after she grown up. So this is just a temporary cage for her. Gotta get a new cage for her after few months later.

After doing some research through google, we plan to get something for her. Like some vitamin, calcium, shower and playing stuff etc. We spend quite alot of money on this, but i feel is worth to let her feel comfortable staying with us.

Her calcium ring. Look like the sweets that we normally eat.

Her sleeping pouch.
I need to buy her few more sleeping pouch so that we can wash and clean it few weeks a time.

Nutrition food. Need it for a healthy diet.

This is a fruity flavor, smells nice.

And this. Bathing Sand. We usually bath her one or twice a week to let her smell good and clean =D
If you're thinking to get a pet with you, think for sugar glider !

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Canon 70-200 L Lens Cup/Mug ♥

Recently I've found something interesting. I discover this in Malacca when i'm visiting jonker walk.
Are you a Canon fans? If you are, then you should take a look here.
I'm in love with Canon's product, that why this attracted me =D
This is actually a thermos or a mug, but the outlook is exactly look like the real 70-200 L Lens.
Don't you believe it?
Let the picture says all.

1:1 CANON 70:200mm L Series lens thermos MUG/CUP.
Material : Food grade PVC plastic materials, Stainless Steel thermos interior & Exterior!
Dimension : 70mm(W) x 70mm(H) x 195mm(D)

The Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM Lens Mug's build quality is good, but not excellent. It has the red L ring, but the build quality is indeed a little lite for this class. To be fair, so is the price.

The mug features a steel (stainless in this case) inner barrel as seen below. This can contain hot water too.

Like the Canon EF 1200mm f/5.6 L USM Lens, the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM Lens Mug was introduced at a major Olympic event - the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics in this case. As a member of the Canon EF 70-200mm L Lens family and as part of the new Canon Beverage Delivery System (BDS), the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L
USM Lens Mug arrived tocertain popularity and importance in Canon's lineup. And of course, a review was in order. Because of its popularity, initial copies of the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM Lens Mug were very hard to obtain - and multiple test copies were definitely warranted for this important product.

An awesome discovery and treat for all Canon 70-200 L Lens Cup owners. Unscrewing the base cap reveals a simple plastic mould which fits onto the EF and EF-S mounting system of Canon's EOS DSLR bodies. Now you can walk around with an "L lens" mounted onto your ol' DSLR and gain oodles of bragging rights at a fraction of the price.

If you are interested on this just contact me.
Email :
Price : RM60

You guys can visit this Youtube Video. This shows that this thermos can actually fix with the real DSLR.

Monday, July 4, 2011

O-M-G !

Yea IT'S ME !!!
I'm not wearing a wig guys .
I chopped it few days ago in Malacca.
This is the NEW ME. I mean totally NEW >.<
Sometimes i can't even recognize myself when i stand in front of the mirror.
Look like a China Mui? muahahaha !
Anyway is a nice try for me =D