Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year ♥

cho 1 ..

family photo include my grandma + aunty

cho 2 ..

my bro of course ..

cho 3 .. cho 4 ..

sakae's yu sang .. yummy ^^

lou sang laa ..

cho 5

@ genting with choi san ye ..

me with knitted cap =D

@ genting sushi king ~ yu sang again ..
Finally i'm back 2 kampar..
but i really bu she der penang la, not enuff time to use and haven finish take ang pau xD
CNY and Valentine's day drop on da same day, although cant celebrate with him, but on cho 3 he drop 2 my house and gave me a present =)
guess what?
is a white gold ring =)
hehe, thanks dear =)
how about me? i bake a chocolate brownie cake for him..he say delicious but his bro said not nice..
hope he really feel that cake's taste is good la..i made it or the whole morning + noon ..
in CNY sure got gamble la..this year geh luck quite good la, menang sedikit =)
CNY still got few days, hope all of u will enjoy it ^^

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Look For CNY ~ ♥

Sob Sob ♥

my hair become shorter le..

i tot he jz will jap 1 jap for me, but mane tau cut until quite short for me " for me la"..

but nvm la, new look lo..

my hair now dont have the line alr lo, and my "liu hai" become short le..

da pic not very obvious, reality 1 i think can see clearer =)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Left 4 days ~ ♥

i love this, without make up ♥

Today i took my new id..

although is not very nice, but if compare with last year 1, this is much moreeeeee better =D

Nex mon going 2 end my diet menu ..

but i feel disappointed. because ytd when i went 2 jusco 2 weight, my weight still remain the same..

walao !! eat so susah for so many days but yet not reduce the weight..

i really bo sim 2 continue eat liao..

so jz nw went 2 ipoh parade, go sushi king eat with elise..

but i jz eat 3 pieces only, feel guilty if eat more..

although i duno whether can help me 2 diet or not tis menu, but since alr eat for 9 days, so i will finish it !!

BUT ..

if i really slim down a bit, after CNY oso will be da same i feel, cz i sure will eat banyak banyak laa, canot tahan !!

still have 4 days 2 go, haiz.. wanna vomit when smell the taste ..

is okay, cz of him i will tahan for 4 days more..

2day i bought 3 cloths + vivi magagize !!

tis is da 1st time i buy vivi magazine, hehe...

so bad my hp no batt when reach ipoh, i jz took few picture only..

soo tired, good night everyone =)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Excited ~ ♥


i wanna wish my leng lui ji mui ~ AsTheR ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

2day 2nd of feb is her birthday, so bad i cant go back 2 celebrate with her on last saturday in mois..

hehe, but nvm, when i go back 2 bw then hang out with her, as " bou cheong " =)

i wish her ...

♥ become more n more pretty ..
♥ successfull in her make up studies
♥ found a great job when she wanna get a job

lastly is ....

♥ can marry to her bf asap la..i think this is her bday wish xD

hahaha !!

wanna be her ji mui at her wedding time =D

Second-ly ..

Is ..

Tmr he will be coming 2 kampar to visit me ..

omg !! i alr almost 20 days didn't see him le ..

seriuosly, miss him a lot ..

but he is sick now, i damn worry about him ..

cz he thus is the 1st time he taking bus alone go 2 outstation ..

no worries baby, i will wake up 2 accompany u til u reach here =)

okie la, wanna slp now, scare cant wake up tmr ..

looking forward 2 see u dear ...^^ ♥