Thursday, September 29, 2011

Phuket Trip ~ ♥

Hey readers ~ I got no time for blog recently, working for few days for a PC fair in USM.
Oh yeah I'm done with it and wanna blog about my trip. =)
You'll know that I went for Phuket and Krabi Trip if you're my friends in FB.
I followed the Libra Star Cruise this time, although it takes a longer time to reach the destination but I'm quite enjoying because there were bunch of programs during our 4 days 3 night.

We're going to reach Phuket. =D
I took this from my cabin of the cruise. When the cruise reach the port then we just get down from there.

My look of ze day.
Very 1st time wearing a long dress. Since I'm short so I seldom wear those dress. >.<

1st destination ♥ Wat Chalong Temple.
Too bad !!! It was a rainy day. Arghhh although the tour guide provided us the rain coat but for me it's useless. The wind blow SO strong. You can't imagine that.
Chalong Temple is the largest of Phuket's temples, and the most visited. Locals come to pray and pay respects to the founders of Wat Chalong, among them Luang Pho Cham and Luang Pho Chuang, 2 monks who were well known for herbal medicine and took care of local villagers and negotiated for a settlement during a chinese miners rebellion in the 1870's.

Wat Chalong is well worth to visit, it is a MUST visit place for tourists.

When visiting Wats or Chinese shrines be sure to observe the dress rules, you will be asked to remove your shoes before entering, your shoulders, legs and stomach will have to be covered.There are also a couple of other rules that you need to observe, such as not swearing, shouting or posing with Buddha or pointing at any religious item with your feet.There is no admission fee although you may see donation boxes, the money goes towards maintenance of these historic sites.

Inside of the Wat. Wat means temple in Thai.

Statues of the revered monks where people can pray, apply gold leaf to the statues, light incense and candles.

After pray we faster get back into the bus.
Or else we gonna be very very wet.
Next destination is Cashew Nut Factory.

September is not the season for cashew nuts tree.
So we not manage to look at the real one.

Look at the fruits on the tree.
This is the artificial one. For the real tree, the fruits will be the same colour.
If the fruits is yellow colour, then whole tree of the fruits will be yellow colour too. =)

Below's picture shows us the process of a cashew nuts.

Although the process is not that difficult but pity those workers.
Thousands of cashew nuts waiting for them to work on it.

Besides it can become a snacks, it can made as a drink too.
But i don't like da taste, it's quite sour.

Free tasting all over the shop.
Whatever they sell in da shop they will provide a tester.

2nd destination ♥ Souvenir Shop @ Wang Talang

Wat Talang is the biggest jewelry shop in Phuket.
They are pecialize in exquisite Rubies, Sapphires,Emeralds, Jade and Diamonds, collected by our own gemologists and set by our highly trained jewelers.
Besides they offer also genuine Thai silk, elegant ceramics and the beautiful pewter ware thet has been produced here for almost a century.

I'm not interested on this kind of items. So just sit inside the cafe and waiting for da bus to pick us up. This cafe provides free drinks.

Camwhore weeeeeee =D
Wait until hungry arrr..Next destination is Lunch time ♥ Srivichai Thai restaurant !

We need to walk a looooong corridor just will reach the place for us to sit down and take our food.

This is the place where we dine in. This restaurant serving various types of foods.
Hours of Business:
Lunch: Monday - Friday 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Dinner: Monday - Friday 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Dinner: Saturday - Sunday 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

September they provides Vegetarian Corner for those people who pray or the 9 Emperor God.
This restaurant is considerate for those vegetarian people due to the festive.

Dim Sum Corner.

Thai food Corner.

Including Sushi, snacks and etc ...

Opposite of the restaurant is Central festival. One of the shopping center in Phuket.
Consider quite grand in Phuket area =)
But the things selling are not much.

PornThip is a place where sell seafood and snacks.

Donation area.
So creative. You can clip ur money on this tree.

Look at the scene, seems like the storm is going to hit Patong beach.
The tour guide warn us not to go near the beach and do not swim in the sea.

9 Emperor God Temple in Phuket.

Yeahh we reach !

This incense burner is to let people to get bless from God.
I saw Thai people put their hands and stuffs above this burner so i just followed what they do.

This is the place which let the people there to burn the firecrackers.
People in Thai believe that this can get rid from the bad luck and welcoming the new coming life.
Alot of Thai people and tourists come here because of this because Malaysia forbid people from burning firecrackers.

We back to cruise on 7pm..
Last dinner for this trip. We chosen Four Season Restaurant for Chinese Cuisine.
Since my aunty prefer Chinese Cuisine =)

Fried Fish ~

Belacan Kangkung ~

Spring Roll ~

Toufu ~

Green Curry Chicken ~
The next day we were leaving the cruise. So sad this trip is so short.
I wish i could have more. Thanks for parents for bringing me on this trip.
Heart you both !