Thursday, March 15, 2012

GingerBread ROCKSSSS !

Oh yeahhhh finally all the stocks has arrived for the 1st batch !!!
This is the 1st time I selling Accessories. Thanks for all my friends and customer for support !!

Ferrari Casing. Seriously, all the casing's quality is superb good and good looking.

The black sheep casing is mine !!
Love MAX <3
Damn shinning and attractive =)

Oh ya this is the NEW accessories for Iphone/Samsung/HTC or any other model of phone.
Less radiation if you use this compare with what we normally done when you're on a phone.
Besides this is so STYLISH. Many of the actor, celebrities use this too..

Iphone User especially gurlsss. You will love this.
This is mot just a soft toy but it is an Iphone casing !!!!
So cute and adorable. Your girl friend will jealous you when you are using this serious shyt !




Lastly Hello Kitty !!!
This Hello Kitty is one of my customer buy it for his GF as he know she is a Hello Kitty Fan.
How sweet it is !!!

This is the packaging ~~
Interested on all these stuffs?

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