Monday, August 22, 2011

Guang Liang coming to town !

Wilbert Pan came to Utar on last week. Guang Liang came to Kampar as well in the same week.
I became the usher for that day with few of my frens. The location is at Old Town Kampar, one of the Primary School Hall.
I tot many of the Utarian will be attend on that day but it's not.
Most of them were Old Town residents. Maybe Utarian don't know he will visit Kampar on that week i guess.

This is the stage.

Belle, me and Taco. I asked Taco to be Usher for that day to get some experience =D

Besides 3 of us, there were 4 more of the pretty gals became Usher together with us.

Before Guang Liang came out, there were alot of performances.
Dancing, singing and so on.
My fren - Sky Ghost sang on that day too !

His poster. I didn't buy his CD. Actually i'm not his BIG fans. >.<
Finally he reached at 4pm.

He started to walked down from the stage and shake hand with his fans.
His parents and nephew came on that day too.
Wow so warm ! Guang Liang originated from Ipoh.
So here is consider as his hometown =D

Who's on the stage? 988 DJ - 皓敏.
She is the host on that day. =)

I'm so lucky that stand a chance to stand behind him when he is having signature session.
But unfortunately his agent not allowed us to capture picture with him >.<

While standing behind, just capture some of his picta.
But can't see his face, just his back, LOL.

Me and DJ.
Around 6pm the event ended. So I have to rush for another event.
That is Malam Anjung Kebudayaan 2011 with bunch of frens.

My boyfie is one of the committee for this event, must support him mer XD
RM20 per pax for dinner and entrance fee.

Alvin came to kepo after GL event. He didn't bought the ticket to attend this dinner.
The dinner start at 7.30pm. Due to the Puasa month, Malay people were fasting, so gotta makan at 7.30pm. =)

This were the dishes on that day.
Before this i heard there were Chinese cuisine as well, but unfortunately there were just Malay food. Some of the Chinese people do not used to it. Quite disappointed on the food wise.

Hey security man !

Yeahhh start to makan !
Paid for RM20 must eat more ya gals and guys, LOL !
I just ate the rendang chicken, chili eggs and vegetables.
I dislike the archa, not nice for me . =(

Emi. =)

Ah be.

Besides me, many of jiv's fren supporting him too by just bought ticket from him.

The performances of the day.
Look at the pixies below =)

Alex and his band were performing on that day too.
Support support !!!

Khai Ling - My housemate !!!!
She was one of the performer too. Look at his custom, it is nice.
She perform Indian dance on that day.
The decoration spends around RM400 on that night.
It's nice to decorate Heritage Hall became like this. =D
Recently i've attended quite alot of events that organised by Utar.
Hmm by supporting Utar's event is Utarian's job XD

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wilber Pan Mini Concert ~ ♥

Heyyy guys. Before I start my post, i would like to show you guys a photo.
But Will Pan's fans please don't whack me ler, I'm not purposely did this to him.
I just want to get a nearer picture with him.
This is my only chance when I get up to get his signature.
Sorry for not being aware that you're shaking hands with me >.<
But I must thanks to ALEX LING that help me to capture this picture.

Wilber Pan !!!! He came to UTAR on 17/8/201.
Oh Gosh !!!! Are you a Wilber's fans?
Hmm I'm. I love to watch his drama. Especially da his quite new drama in this year, 爱无限.
I think all da Utarian were so excited, can't wait to see him.

I became an Usher for this event.
Besides me, another two lenglui were be with me on that day to complete a mission.

Yeah my look of ze day.
Top from Nichii and bottom from MnG.
My hair look slightly longer than before. =D

Lengluiss. Usher of ze day.
Who's be with me on duty that day?
Pls look at below's pictas .

Left : Belle
Right : Elaine
The mission was to complete a book for Wilber Pan as a souvenir.
We required all the fans to write a wishes on a small piece of colourful paper, then we stick all the wishes inside the book.

Take 2

Take 3

Last one .

His DVD album.
Inside got 2 CD's.

And the ticket to enter da entrance for the day.

Ah be and emi was Q-ing up to enter Heritage Hall.
The concert start at 8pm but all of them reach at 5pm.
Their main aim is to stand infront of the stage on that day.
Will Pan came to da stage on 8.45pm.
Everyone was like "Abhhhhh" , "woowowoo"....

He started to sing and dance once he up the stage - 全面通缉
One word, "YENG".

I Love this picta. OMG this killed alot of fans i think.

Besides, some of the lucky contestant that stand a chance to play games and grab prizes on that day. They can capture a picture with Will Pan !!! ENVY !

He performed quite many songs on that day. At least 4-5 songs.

He is a friendly person for me. You can feel it through the way he talked.
He is quite "sampat", love to jokes around too.


Is time to take photo with all the fans.

Sweet Smile. <3

Before going back, we manage to meet up with Will Pan's dancer from Taiwan.
Woohoo what are we waiting for? Let's take a picture with them =D

He going to leave UTAR.
Hmm you made our night seriously. =D
Thx for visiting Kampar !!!!