Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ristorante Bella Italia ~ ♥

Heard that Bella Italia is a nice Italian Restaurant in Belissa Row. Hmm Im going to try it right now =) Yay ! Penang is still da best for me ♥ Food Paradise ! That's why Im still a Fatty until now >.< Must try to control myself liaoooo XD

Wearing a simple make-up is best for me. =) Due to Im lazy to remove my make-up after hanging out for da whole day. Love it !

Jam in da ferry for almost 1 hour. Oh Gosh Im freaking fungry okay ! It's okay as long as can dine in here, Im satisfied with it =D

I ordered no.24 mushroom flavor.

and no.65 for dessert + pizza !

Next time I wanna try another outlet which is located in Batu Ferringhi. The ambiance would be better? Im not sure with it. Just bought a deal in Ezivoucher for 46% discount. Just check it out because it is a super duper worth deal !!!!

Jasmine Tea.

This is so nice ! Spaghetti Aglio-Olio with mushroom.
The taste is totally different with the normal spaghetti. Don't believe? Try it urself.

Muahahaha ! My favorite. With 4 different types of ingredients and taste including mushroom, bacon, salmon and tuna. =D

Pls make a reservation b4 you go to avoid disappointment.

This is the best Tiramisu in town for me. It will melt inside ur mouth when you eat it.
I wanna try this again next trip. Hardly to forget the taste seriously.

What's next? Straits Quay =D
Berlin's !!!

Happy Hour? Hmm is MU vs Newcastle 1-1 >.<

Gal's drink =D
Got a lil sweet taste i think? Haha mixture with the Lemon is nice ~
Enjoying da relaxing moment. Don't feel like going back to Kampar ~~~

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

27th Nov Sunday ~ ♥


一路上除了聊天和听歌都没什么事情做,拍一下照不错嘛 XD 与我的相机分开了蛮久的,有几个星期吧,终于回来我身边了,哈哈。出门的时候真的很需要你 =D


过槟城当然是去扫货咯,听说 Padini Concept Store 有促销啦,真的很便宜,不要就对不起自己啦。可惜没什么时间逛,因为要付钱的时候需要排很长,懒惰。所以晚上才去Gurney买。还好不需要排很长的队,买了2双鞋子,哈哈。开心!


营业时间 : 12.00-3PM,6-10PM

地址:60-62 Chow Thye Road 10050 Penang, Malaysia

询问 : (604) 229-8684 Fax (604) 226-5001








过后就要去看戏咯。好可惜Gurney满座了,只好去Sunway Carnival看。





Friday, November 25, 2011

3D Stitch iPhone Case Limited Edition ~ ♥

Hey readers ~ I found something special for Iphone 4/4S cover. Anyone is a Disney Lover here? Hmm then you will be lovin it. It's a Stitch Cover which can be standing and moving its ears. This is a Limited Edition Iphone Cover and the function is cute ! Although i don't really like Stitch but this attracted me to get ONE for myself. =D

Look at the ears part. Just press the upper button then it will turn on itself =D

Features :
iPhone 4/4S Disney - Moving Ears 3D Stand Stitch Phone Case (Limited Edition)
Press Stitch Hair to release ears
Volume button can also be used
3.5mm plug and the special camera hold can be used
Funny enough to take picture with Stitch
Protect and Non-slip material case
*** Both iPhone 4 and 4S vibration button will be covered

Look at this video and you will get what i mean =)

Get one for urself now. It's awesome stuff to add on in ur collection.

I get MINE. How about you? =D

Contact me if you're interested with it..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11.11.11 ~ ♥

11.11.11 is a sweet and nice day.

This date is a very impoetant day to my sis. =)

She gonna turn from single to married status.

We woke up early in da morning and get dressed.

I'm da make up artist of ze day. *not a professional one* LOL

Helping my sis to make up and of course colour her nail.

This is what a lil sis should do for her BIG day =D

Hello both of you. Seems excited yea !

This is a Buddhist Association in Kuantan.

There are 62 pairs of couples on that day.
Of course on this special day, many reporters appear =)

While waiting for the register process ~

Taadaaa ! Finally reached their turn.

Sign ur signature and congratulation to both of you !

Both witness are here too.

Exchange ring process ~

Feel happy for them.

Paktoh for 7 years? Hmm I'm not so sure about it but i know it's a looooong journey for them.

Finally they can get together =D

Please treat her well ya !

Wish you both 恩恩爱爱,白头偕老 ♥

Theme of ze day is tones of red.
That why I get myself a red dress =D

My Happy family ♥

Last pic. Having lunch in one of da restaurant. Tired faces, lol.

Food Testing ~ ♥

Went for M.S Garden in Kuantan for food testing on last weekend.

This is da food testing for my sis's wedding dinner. Hmm this is my 1st time going for food testing, can't wait to finish all da foooood =D

Da decoration. I prefer gold colour than this type of red.

Menu of ze day.
7 dishes + 1 dessert.

1st dish ~ 4 seasons.
My love octopus was one of it. Yay ! And the fish taste good. The rest is just so so, not that tasty for us.

2nd dish ~ Shark Fin
Hmm this shark fin taste different from other places that I've tried b4.
The colour is different too. Near to red-ish colour. This one really need to make some improvement on dinner night.

3rd dish ~ Black Pepper Chicken
Hmm this is normal, the sauce is quite okay.
No comment on this dish ~~

4th dish ~ Steam Fish
The topping part is not that nice.
I'm not sure what is that but it's hard when you 1st bite on it.
But i love all types of fish, so I'm okay with it =D

5th dish ~ Broccoli with mushrooms
I love broccoli !!!!

6th dish ~ Credited goes to Sifu ~

Superb nice !!! Best dish ever !

7th dish ~ I'm overloaded when this dish arrived.

So I just ate some of it. But we changed this to Yang Zhou Fried Rice.

I think most of them prefer fried rice than mee right? XD

Lastly ~ Longan + Lotus dessert.

Yum yum !! The sweetness is just nice.

Hope there's some improvement for da dishes during dinner night that we've told the chief after food testing ~ =D