Friday, July 30, 2010

Card Tarot Reading ~ ♥

Do u believe in card tarot reading?
Are tarot card accurate?
And the answer is absolutely YES !
Tarot cards are such a powerful and flexible magical tool, it deserves special attention.
Tarot not for all but is only for those with the Strength and Temperance required to listen.
This was the 1st time i went for card tarot reading after heard from Yi Pei (ex-housemate) that it's really accurate !
For me, i'm really interesting for this kind of stuff and i feel so excited after knew this..
Then i told my friends about wat i heard from her..
My fren was totally lost control and she cant wait to gooooo xD (same to me la)
After get the direction and phone number of the master from Yi Pei, then on wednesday morning 3 of us went there after our class...
She pick us up at "dong hoi" restaurant there because we dont know where is her house located..

Here we reached !! It's not a shop as u guys thought..
The master was friendly and she explain all the meaning to us politely...

Why do i say it's accurate? okie firstly i will list out all the cards that i've choosen for myself...

♥ The Emperor
♥ The sun
♥ The aeon
♥ The hierophant
♥ The lovers
♥ The moon
♥ The priestess
♥ The charlot
♥ Lust
♥ The magus
♥ Death
♥ Tower

This were the 12 card i've choosen for myself..
This is the extra cards that i've pick to ask more questions that i wanted to know..

♥ Fortune
♥ The devil
♥ The universe

I cried when i opened my very 1st card after her explanation...*blush*
It's so amazing cz she know wat i wan 2 ask although i didn't told her..
She mention about me and his problem...
Yea and she told me that i still have a long time to suffer in relation problem..
I will found my real price when i'm in my working life..
Is this true?
Haha so gonna stop paktoh until i graduate? LOL !!
She told me that i'm very good at SPENDING money..GOSH !
A lot lot lot lot more things that she mentioned is totally so "ZHUN"..
I'm not going to mention all here but it is really worth for you guys to go for a TRY =D
Or else YOU will REGRET ! teeheee ^^
It is RM20 for each person for 30 minutes..
You can just ask whatever question that you want to know,she will answer all ur question until you have no question..
You can contact her at
♥ 016-5133522 (Wenday Tan)
Just call her to make an appointment and ask for the direction =D
Hope this can help you guys ^^

B4 we back to the "silent town", we went to Josephine for desert because i was totally not in a mood..I heard my frens said that Josephine's desert was nice and yummy, so i decided to try it once !!
But i really disappointed lo..
There is not much of variety for desert and the outlook for the desert was totally NORMAL as others bakery shop...

But no choice we still have 2 dine in there.. Hmm we just order 2 types of desert..

♥ Black forest cake
♥ Tiramisu

Below are the picturss that i've capture..
Anyway is a nice try for me because my fren said that she will bring me to another shop for desert NEXT TRIP =)
I cant wait for it ^^

♥ Tiramisu

♥ Black Forest cake

After desert we went back to kampar and we heading to Pasar Malam..
Utar's student love Wednesday because this is the only day where students can hang out and makan at there =D
A lot of delicious food selling there, i usually will spend RM5 and above once i go to PM =)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

E-Yan In House Partyyy (Part 1) ~ ♥

Before the party start..
We 4 gals included me, after shower and make up, then starts to snap here and there xD
Seriously i loveee to capture lotss of pictures..
To keep it as a memories because pictures is a part of our life memory, it helps to remind us where have we been b4 and what kind of event we join when we are young =)
Although now i dont have my own DSLR cam but i sure will purchase it when I have the ability ^^
Cz i dont want to keep asking money from my parents, i knew that money is hard to earn and they alr provide me a real good life xD
So no more complain ^^
I satisfied with my life now...
I love this =D

Yea just me and the pool...

me, birthday gal and taco

We're in da sauna room...

It's around 6pm..
The weather now is really suitable for us to get relax outside the balcony there..
The swimming pool is just infront of us, i really like this kind of feeeeling =)

Can you see da bed's design?
OMG !!
I'm totally in love with this BED...
It makes me got da "princess" feel..
Just like the scene inside those fairy tales story...
I'm going to get this kind of bed for my daughter once i born a baby gurl, weee witttt =)

Yeahhh ~ i'm in lovee with it ^^

Guess where are us?
Yea we are inside the bathroom..
There is a bathtub..
We are so free to taking pic with this bathtub, omg !
Elisé's pose seems like very artistic like that, she wanna be a model? haha..

I still haven get wet here..For the 2nd part of my post, you can see i'm in da pool 2gether with my crazy frensss ^^

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

E-Yan In House Partyyy (Part 2) ~ ♥

Last Saturday all of our PR gang having party at Ritz Hotel, Ipoh..
I't's E-yan birthday partyyy =D
His dad book a room for us to having fun there..
Before the party start, here is my self-capture pic ^^
Besides that, me, e-yan, elise and bee chin also capture lotz of photo before the party begin but dont know why my memory card canot scan into my laptop..
Have to wait until this Thursday just can upload =(

PR gang leng luissss ~ Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Galss with Wilson

Galss with Jason

Alex is sooo desperate to kiss his wifey ~ EMI

Happy birthday gal ~ I luv this much =D *hug hug*

Elise, Emi, E-yan, Me XD
Here i seems like wanna drunk alr...haha

Wow i love my pose with my chicken wing, lol

Yeahh finally we're in da swimming pool ~

We follow E-yan's car to Ipoh after mid-term exam..

She wants to go Pusing town to urut her neck...after that she treat us makan porridge, YUMMY ~

Then we heading to her house to prepare bread for that night snacks...

Birthday gurl sure wanna be the most prettiest 1 right?

We accompany her to salon and we wait for 1 hour..

OMG E-yan just special for ur birthday ya..

Finally we reach Ritz Hotel and after we shower, make up and camwhore..Then they REACH =)

So here the party start....

I slept at 2 sumting because i got a lil drunk...Something happen to me on that night lo, haha..

But now all past !

I wont think so much anymore, look for the future, yea i can do it, Wootssss x)

In the next morning his dad treat us eat dim sum..

Wow we ordered a lotssss especially Rui Bin eat non-stop, hehe..

We really enjoy the night...Hope can gather like this again with u guyss, LOVE ya ♥

Monday, July 26, 2010

Colbie Caillat - I Never Told You ~ ♥

I miss those blue eyes, how you kiss me at night
I miss the way we sleep
Like there's no sunrise, like the taste of your smile
I miss the way we breathe

But I never told you what I should have said
No, I never told you, I just held it in

And now I miss everything about you
I can't believe it, I still want you
And after all the things we've been through
I miss everything about you, without you

I see your blue eyes every time I close mine
You make it hard to see
Where I belong to, when I'm not around you
It's like I'm not with me

But I never told you what I should have said
No, I never told you, I just held it in

And now I miss everything about you
(Still, you're gone)
I can't believe it, I still want you
(And I'm lovin' you, I never should've walked away)
After all the things we've been through
(I know it's never gonna come again)
I miss everything about you, without you

But I never told you what I should have said
No, I never told you, I just held it in

And now I miss everything about you
(Still, you're gone)
I can't believe it, I still want you
(And I'm lovin' you, I never should've walked away)
After all the things we've been through
(I know it's never gonna come again)
I miss everything about you, without you

This song remind me of you..
"I will never told you" keep pop out from my mind..
Yea all we need is just TIME..
Going to throw away my hp cz it's so annoying when i see it !!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

暧昧 vs 爱情 ~ ♥


































暧昧是,有进一步的冲动,却没有进一步的勇气 暧昧是,他不是你的情人,但似乎他比你的情人更关心你和了解你。





















Is TIME to turning back ~ ♥

Don't know how to describe my feeling and i just feel like wanna blogging..
I feel shame to share my feeling with my friends because i knew that i can't control my tears...
Just like what i've done on ytd night..
Cry like hell infront of my frenss..
I was like *OMG* what the hack m i doing wor?
Sounds funny but i do really sad..
I'm not as tough as u guys think..
Yea i'm always laugh, talk a lot infront of my frens but this is jz part of me..
I will think a lot, i will cry a lot when i facing some critical problem..
ESPECIALLY relationship prob..
Ya i know what u r thinking and worrying about, i wont blame u for this decision..
Just i din expect that this come to me so FAST !
I MUST accept this cz i dont have other choices !
So Just Let It Be..
I've just deleted something that i feel a MUST...
Anyway THANKS for this few weeks for be with me and gave me lots of happiness and fun as well..
I do appreaciate it =D
Hmm i'm officially S-I-N-G-L-E now BUT not Available lo... ==
I dont feel like wanna find anyone until i graduate, single is better..
Mayb alcohol can helps me to reduce sadness, LoL..
Gonna start my night life soon i think, hate to be alone..
Should i or shoulden i back to penang for this week?
Yea i dont know but now there is no more aim for me to going back home...
How sad m i, duhh !!
Wishing YOU ~ be healthy always, shun shun li li in ur studies, smile always and find a partner if there is a FATE waiting for you there AND do take care when you are in Taiwan XD

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Missing Missing ~ ♥

When i see this picta i recall back what you've wrote on my hand =D
Still got 7 days to go....
Gonna miss u deeeeeep =(
Finally I've past my IMC individual presentation...
This is my 1st presentation for this sem..
DAMN nervous !
I alr knew what's MR.SOH will comment on my presentation..
"You did not evaluate ur information"....hahhaah cz i really dont know how 2 evaluate just forget about it...
Get 7.2 marks, its enuff for me la..
I'm not greedy =)
References are really important, it carry a lots of marks on this..
There are so many things to do before reach next Thursday..
Headache with this Saturday Mid-Term...
I not really know how to write Pitch Letter and Press Release...FML
But after the mid-term...
Almost all of our PR gang going to have fun in Ipoh during E-Yan Birthday Party...woohooo...
Going to ROCKSS da night to release all our tension...
I still haven decide what to wear on that night, *smoked-head*
Because of this i nearly get argue with him, but luckily at last also nth la, haha..
So guyss...add oil for this sat mid-term then we can as W-I-L-D as we want on that night, especially our Birthday Gurl XD

Monday, July 19, 2010

Need YOU Now ~ ♥

His fav = My fav ^^

Need You Always yet Now =(

Hoping to see u in this weekends...But i think i cant make it..

If I can make it i sure will go back loo..

Hmm I still haven give him da answer that he ask me in Cameron..

Yeaa here is the answer ..



If YOU see this pls give some respond to me laa...weeeeeee =)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cameron Highland ~ ♥

Last Saturday i had lunch with my housemates ~
Early in da morning they went to buy all the ingredient...
I didn't follow them because i have to pack my things then pan leng leng, prepare for my cameron trip...

Pretty housemate ~ Pek Ning

wen siang + me + pek ningI just ate a little only..
Canot eat so much alr cz i FAT like pig liao...
Then at 2.00pm heng ee come my house to fetch me go to Simpang Pulai Toll..
We go McD 1st before send me to toll..

From 2.00pm wait until 4.00pm like tat la i think..
While eating my sundae con then keep thinking when he gonna reach..
FINALLY he reach =D
He + his fren ~ bery and his gf
But i feel so paiseh cz i gave them the wrong direction for going 2 cameron..
Because of this...
He and me met an accident after U turn from Taiping Toll...
Infront suddenly immergency break then sure we have to break as well..
But the car behind us drive quite fast i think then x sempat nak henti..
Straight bang us !
Our car turn 360 degree and hit da divider...
I'm so panic that time cz this is da 1st time i met so serious eh accident, same to him..
Luckily both of us save and din injured..
Thanks GOD for "popi" us...
Then after that we went to Kuala Kangsar police station to make a report..
After all things settle..
We still continue with our plan..
We sat Bery's car went up to Cameron..

This is our roooom ^^
Bery and his gf said that thier room look scary, xD
But ours 1 wont ar...
Room number ...
After all of us shower and rest for a while then we went to downstairs for dinner..
Here again we makan STEAMBOAT at wai yat...

Waiting for da fooood =)

Not bad la the taste...But we still feel very cold although we makan so warm eh food..

Bery brought a lot of fresh prawns from penang to cameron..
REAL lots...
We makan until x habeh-habeh..
At last the remaining prawn gave to the tauke..
What's next ?
Is Starbucks...
Cz pasar malam all alr closed...
Nth to do so just enjoy at there..
I just knew that cameron also got starbucks eh...hahah

Online there + chatting...

His GF

The next day we went for a walk while on the way back...
Went to one of the strawberry farm..

Nth much there..
So we went other place for buying some strawberry + corn + sweet potatoes + tomato...
Bought a lots of things cz my mum and sis want it..

Final pictures of the day ^^

On the way back to Kampar..
I dont feels like wanna go back aaaaa....
Time passed so fast !
Hate it......
This is the gift that he gave it to me during cameron trip..
It's a CUP..
This is the pictures that printed on da cup =D

I really LOVE this much..

Still got another trip for us?

I hope it will be an island or a beach vacation places..