Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Akamomiji ~ ♥

Before going to Taiwan..
I went Ipoh again =)
This time she take me to Japanese Restaurant for dinner..

We reach around 9pm..
Before that, Ipohans must have heard about Kizuna japanese restaurant?
Situated a stone's throw away from Kizuna, the owner of Akamomiji is in fact, from the management of Kizuna.

Outlook of da restaurant is quite great..
Superb decoration ~

She = E-Yan ^^

Temaki is a must order item for me =D

Cucumber Roll ~
Although i dislike cucumber but i'm totally in love with this..
You gotta try this !
Recommended item.. =D

Chicken Bento ~
We both sharing this ^^

Cheese Potato..Nice but we cant finish it >.<

Steam Egg ~
Egg is one of my favourite too..
Inside got crabmeat etc etc..lolx
You guess around how much for this meal?
Hmm i tot it will be very expensive but i'm wrong..
This meal costed around RM60..The ambience was awesome !
Good Food ♥
Good Service ♥

Makesure you call & book a table if you plan to go during weekend..

Tel: 05-546 8368

Location: The new shop lot next to the Petronas station/Mcdonald in Ipoh Garden East, it's located behind the main road.

Address: 36-38, Medan Ipoh 1E, Medan Ipoh Bistari, 31400 Ipoh

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Sis ~ ♥

Happy Bufday to YOU
Belated celebration is held in last Friday..
We plan to go for Jerman's food in Tanjung Bungah ~ InGolf..
But unfortunately din operate on that night..
So we force to change our plan..
But for sure i gonna visit InGolf again cz many bloggers gave high rate for this shop..
At last we went to Gurney Plaza for dinner ~ Dragon-I

There are 2 section in Gurney's outlet..
Mayb it's Sunday, we gotta Q up waiting for our turn to dine in..
Around 20 minutes =.=
Lotzz of ppl on that day, you need to Q up no matter which shop u gonna dine in..
Haizzz !
No make up and lack of rest >.<
My "chan" face !
Recently really lazy to make up..
Once i think off MUST REMOVE my make up when reach home...
Then i'll just forget about it ..

This is a MUST TRY dish ~
I like Dragon-I is because of this 小笼包..
The taste is awesome !

One of my favourite dish !
Wont miss it out if i dine in here ~
You gotta try it =D

This dish is so so la for me..
Not very special XD
But it come with the Pork Meat above..
Although i din eat Four Season Bean but i LOVE this ~ !
The taste is definately different from outside ~
Woots !

If you're a fish lover like me, you have to try this !!
The fish meat is soooo nice =)
Before i going back Kampar..
I must eat Dim Sum cz i'm a Dim Sum lover =DD
Besides Ipoh, Penang's Dim Sum is also consider very famous huh..
I went for 超全..
It's famous in BW area which located in Raja Uda ~
Those Dim Sum pictures i took with Iphone 4..
Just try it as i never try before =)
Quality still acceptable?


Try it when u visit Penang =DD

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wednesday night ~ ♥

Wednesday night = Ladies night
After Halloween that night then din go for any other party alr..
So tonight gonna be a good night =DD
Heading to Dream with Sharon and her fren, Nicole
My look on that night..
I'm in white..
Do you notice that i seldom wear white colour's cloth?
Hehe yea i prefer black more than white =D

On that morning Maxis center's employee called me..
I still rmb that night was 10.30am, sleep like a pig as u know i wont wake up so early XD
I heard that he told me Iphone 4 is available nw, stock reach em..
Yeahhh ~
I quickly woke up to bath and be prepared to go to Maxis center while waiting for my parents back from somewhere out there..
After lunch then we heading to Maxis center which located in Seberang Jaya..

Finally i get you =D
Waiting for 1 month + finally it's mine =)

Yeaa i bought a new cloth for my new baby =D
Gonna protect him 99 arr ^^
More cloths for him after i back from Taiwan trip..
Say thanks to dad and mum..
Love you both lotzz
My dad pro in making dumpling ~
For me, it is Super Super Deliciousss
I had try many different types of dumpling selling in out there but none of them can beat this !
Elise and some of my fren tried this before, they quite love it i think =D
Before going back to kampar, i wanna eat Dumpling arrr..
Request to my daddy ~
Here they are..
He fulfill my needs for me =D
I help him to cook ..
I'm not pro in cooking but i still got a lil knowledge on this .
Learn it through my dad ~~
My dad will prepare lunch and dinner for us almost every weekday ^^
Wooots !
Looks delicious?
Aiyerrrr >.<
Wanna try it?
Heheheheh i learn jor gonna cook it by myself =D
Next time my hubby kena tau masak mia ar, i jz sit there and wait for meals xD
If you make reservation in Penang's club, 4 gals in a group you will get a free Liquor..
We get Absolut Blue i think on that night =D

Sharon + me

Nicole and me =)
She's just 17 !
Looks so mature and pretty arr..
I memang old jor >.<
I dont mind that i'm SHORT ! =DDD

Group pic 1

I love to hang out with you gals...
It's really crazy night !
2nd one =)

So coincidence...
We both in White =D
Last pic of ze day..
Wait me go back then hang out again arrr ~
Enjoy sia ^^

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Babesss Day ~ ♥

For ages we din meet each other..
Cz she is busy with her stuff and i am busy with mine too..
B4 i going back for Japanese exams, i date her out for shopppping =D
We both to buy ^^
Where is she?
Hiak hiak hiak ~
She looks like a doll and she is real pretty =D

Pixies of ze day
Posing XD

Notice my leopard's hairband?
It's material is silk/cotton type..
Different from normal's one..
Bought it at QB brand's outlet, RM9.90..
I find it quite expensive but í look good with it so........
Hahaha people said gal's money are easy 2 earn XD
Absolutely correct !
Close up
And i love the earing too..
I found it in my accessories's box..
It's a souvenir from HK..
I just wear one side of it on that day..

This pic look slim ~
How good if i m that slim now !
Ish i gonna put more effort alr >.<
But is sooo hard arrrr..
She looks cute a =)

She likes to take pic for others =)
After done posing then start to captureee XD

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4
I Love This =)

Take 5

Take 6

Take 7

Take 8

Take 9

Take 10

Last one
After shop for 3 hours then we went for sushi king..
She is a vegetarian~~
But she love sushi king too
She can eat few types of food there ~
This month is Salmon's fiesta...
So Salmon fans you guys can give a new try to ur bud =D

Pixies 1st before order =D

My favourite Unagi Temaki

Salmon Skin Sushi ~ RM2
But i dont like it >.<

Just received the Temaki =)
I think i'm talking with him that time..
Sushiii i cant live without you arr

Looking forward for our next date =D