Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shop Shop Shop !!

If you got follow my blog, I think you will know that I've won M.A.C vouchers from

So now Im gonna spend it ALL ~

Sunway Pyramid Im coming. These vouchers just can be use in Sunway.

Freaking JAM when we heading to there. It tooks around 2 hours? =.=

Outfit of ze day. A simple dress with a vintage belt =D
I just knew that there is an old and new wing in Sunway too, outdated huh XD

Finally i found M.A.C shop and can't wait to grab all the items !!!

Wanna try all the latest eye shadows!!
It's sooo nice for the Xmas collection !

After that we went for Pavilion.

Tokyo Street is my destination.

People Mountain People Sea.

It's Sunday night babeh !

Nice bun ever !
I miss these all >.<

Colourful MoChi.
Imported one. Look nice, taste nice =D

Take it as a dessert after ur meal .

Dinner time ! Tokyo Don ~

Not much choices to choose, I don't really love this restaurant.

But the Salmon is so nice. FRESH !

Huge sticky !

Love it ~

Smile babe =D

Oh yeah ~ Consider as a Xmas present for ourselves.

Delighted !

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hectic Month !

SO STRESSSSSS ! Once you see da picta below you'll know why I'm stress. Just ONE reason that can make me so STRESS - Finals. I prefer presentation, assignment rather than finals. Need to memorise shitty theory and stuff, memorise like hell ~ No Life At All larrrrr during this period ~ Most of my friend end their finals earlier than me like one week+ ? Shit you UTAR ! All going back to hometown, enjoying their holidays, but me? Yea sitting down here and blog to release my stress here ! It's okay since I can't change the fact so I'll try to accept it and think positive. There is more time for me to study. Hell ya that's the main point !
8 days more then I'll become like this !!!! Can't wait until that day. SCREAMMM ! Penang Penang I Miss You, I know you Miss Me Too =DDD Wait for me to going back yea >.<
Xmas is around da corner, I want my Xmas present plsssss =) Wookay stop here gotta study again. Bye blog and lovely readers =D

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Superb Quality Dress ~ ♥

Gals I'm selling dress right now ~ It's READY STOCK but depends on the availability...Superb Quality and Very Stretchable..Imported pieces =)

There are still alot of different types of dress. Please take a look at my FB albm ... Any problem, just leave me a PM or email me at . Thanks =D

Monday, December 5, 2011


Worldwide success, Le Pliage by Longchamp is the daily companion of millions of women and men. Folded up, it knows how to make itself almost disappear. To create a total look, fans will be able to coordinate their bag.
Description :
1 main compartment with zipper openingInterior
1 small pocket on front

Included: Longchamp Packaging and care card. 100% Authentics and Satisfaction Guarantee !

Colors : Black, Red, Bilberry, Grey, Pink, Fuchsia, Graphite, Chocolate, Curry, Palm Green, Mauve, Orange.

Length of stripes :


Interested on LongChamp bag? Is a must for a girl to own a LongChamp bag. Any enquiries can email me at or PM me in FaceBook.