Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday R-I-C-K-Y ♥

say happy birthday 2 our sister ♥ ricky
although this year just 3 of us celebrate with him, but i can feel that he is really suprise and feel excited when see us taking a cake and sing birthday song 2 him ~
he now alr withdraw from utar..he is finding work now..he said that he wont go back to sarawak yet, luckily...if not we sure hard to meet again..
hmm at here i wish u
♥ can faster found a good job
♥ can earn more money ( he is an amway member )
♥ stay happy always

Sunday, March 14, 2010

C-L-U-B ~ ♥

♥ my face so red ..

♥ sista

♥ that lily ..

♥ new classmate =)

♥ galsss

This is da 1st time i went to ipoh geh club ~

Although it's not as fun as mois but the entrance fee is F-R-E-E =D
So we go BARROOM and O DEGREE...
I met my new classmate there...
But it's quite weird..No ppl dance at da dance floor...
So just me, elise and ricky 3 siao lang dance there only..
After tat got ppl come 2 join..Finally the dance floor FULL ==
Got 1 unknown ppl gave me flower, so jz take it 2 capture picture =)
Hope can go there again laa...but transport is a problem =(