Monday, May 31, 2010

Ice Breaking Helper + Night Life ~ ♥

Every sem there are an ice breaking activities for new intake students to interact and know each other more..
I didn't join for da game for this sem but i do join da helper team =D
We have to reach there about 6.30am !
So cab u imagine that how early i must wake up?
Duhh !!
We didn't go to the meeting, so the consequences of that is we need to take care of the food and beverage part..
1 box of mineral water got 24 bottles right?
We have to move da mineral water to each station and to the cafeteria...
Really exhausted !!
I promise no next time ~
But we guys having fun when "drawing" on each other's face..
Look at below's pic =)

We go back around 12 sumting like dat..
All of us haven have our breakfast as well as lunch..
Luckily they provided food for us..
So we jz grab each nasi lemak for ownself then heading to Jason's house for MAKAN !
All looks like hungry ghost !
After makan we go back home to rest..
I take a nap until 5pm..
Then i receive my mum's call said that she will reach my place at 7 sumting..
So i wait her at home =)
At that moment someone jio me go to club in da night..
I heard many of my frens gonna be there at that night so i wanna go too xD
But unfortunately Alex and Wai Loon alr at Ipoh at that time..
I cant find somebody else to fetch us cz most of my frens car are full !!
Its a Saturday Night, I dont wanna stay at home !!
After my dinner with parents and aunty, i ask my mama to fetch me to Simpang Pulai Toll there, then ask Alex to fetch us from there =)
Really wanna thanks to my parents cz they willing to fetch me there, heeee..luv ya ^^

I also take Elise and Bee Chin together with me too..
We make up and change cloth at Alex's house..
I simply make up at that night cz i really lazy 2 remove da make up especially after i drunk..

We reach there around 12 sumitng cz we have to fetch Ricky 1st..
He stay in the "san ka la"..
So scary la his house..

Then i start to search for my frens ~
I meet Belle, Chee Ann and Kay there..
I join Kay's table cz there is totally FULL on that night !!
The theme for that day is "I LOVE SINGLE"..
So coincidence our gang's member all are single and available =D

At 1st we cant dance at all cz it's packed !
But after that we manage to dance and enjoy ourself ...

The white shirt guy..
He treat us a Lamborghini drink..
This is the 1st time i try =)
Taste great !!
Thanks a lot ya =D

Thursday, May 27, 2010

T-A-O ♥

I get these photos last 2 days ago ..
Mayb connection problem, i cant upload any of da photo on that day..
I'm now in kampar..
Just reach around 5 sumting..
Last monday i went to TAO with my ji mui ~ Bei Lin and her brother Kee Siang..

The dinner buffet is start on 5.30pm until 10.30pm for monday - thursday..
Besides that for MAY birthday's people, you can get 50% off ..
Fortunately i'm one of them =)
So i manage to get half price for it, so do for bei lin's bro..
I drove to there because they dont have transport for that time..
This is da 1st time i drive to autocity, sounds weird right?
Cz usually my fren will fetch me whenever we hang out..
We reach there around 5.45pm..
Then here the dinner begin..
We start to ORDER ~

This is one part of da food that we ordered..
Taste great ~ !!
Cz i LOVE japanese food, woohoo...

This is kee siang =)
Of course she is my ji mui ~ pretty right ? hehe ..

Can u see that I'm sweating?
Sitting in da lounge is really HOT !!
But no choice insides is FULL !!
I do make reservation but it's alr full...
So pls do make reservation earlier if you dont wanna sweat like me !
But if you choose to sitting in da lounge, i think during friday and saturday night will have a live band performance..

We ordered a lot of food on that night..
But around 9pm we guys alr FULL ...
So we back on 9.30pm like tat...
No any different if still sitting there cz our stomach cant absorb any of da stuff anymore !
After that we went to da park for a walk..
Maybe is monday, so there are a lot of stall didn't open da stall..
Really beh tahan for that night cz it's freaking hot !!
Then i send them back home when we finish shop..
Later on i join eddy, alvin and his gf wixiz for a drink in who's bryan..
I tot that night got live band..
But unfortunately dont have !!
Disappoint me !
Just Tuesday - Saturday got da Live Band..
So if ur main aim is go for da live band, pls dont go on sunday and monday..

Here is da end of the night ~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NexT UpdaTe ~ ♥

Waiting for da photosssssss.......
Bei Lin i will get from you by tmr, COMFIRM ... weeeee =)

G Hotel ♥

Having the 1st dinner with KY in G hotel..
We met traffic jam near the end of da bridge..
Duhh..stuck there quite a long time but luckily there are many topics that we can chat with =)
I didn't manage to capture some pic cz my camera no battery jor =(
I order an unagi set ~ one of my favourite =D
The ambience and da food there is quite okie and we cant stop to chit-chatting while having dinner..
I do enjoy tonight ^^

CuuuuT My Bang ...

This bang is "accidentally" cut by the hair stylist...
Actually i want to remain my bang just like previous one, but duno why come out with this hair..
Give some comment on this guys ~
I feel quite okie la, last time looks like 20+ years old, but now looks younger,heheh ..... =)
But this aint my gonna change it back soon ~
Besides that i also got re-dye my hair..
But it seems like just same with previous one..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Starbucks ♥ SixtyNine ♥

Here I Come ~
Get some of da picta alr, woohoo...
We are heading to gurney Starbucks to have our high tea..
At 1st i thought just go for 1 or 2 hours, but after that they said wanna go to batu feringgi have our dinner..

Sooyee drive from Tarc to gurney for meet us..
After thatshe left her car in gurney drive then frances fetch us go batu feringgi..

I like this pic so much ~

Forget da name of da soup..lobster soup i hear frances said..

Hmm this pizza is really nice....

Can u see da ambience ?
There is a swimming pool...
Very suitable for drinking and chatting there ..

Enjoying ~

What is she doing ?


I heard my fren said this is a gay place just like momo..
But i dont know is real or not, mayb just rumour?
You guys should try this pub in batu feringgi..
Erm it is located besides The Ship..
You can drinking ~
You can chatting ~
You can swimming ~
You can enjoy da ambience cz there are some open air area ~
This is just part of da picta..
I haven get all the pic from my fren yet..
Cheers ~