Sunday, February 19, 2012

Iphone Casing - Cinderella is here !!! ♥

I'm so IN LOVE with this casing seriously. My favorite is the Pink colour one.
GOSH ! Gurls out there don't you fall in love with this casing?
Wanna pamper yourselves with this Iphone cover?
Hmmm it's easy and you can get yours one now !
Just email me at " OR FaceBook Private Message me.
I will reply you ASAP babe.
Hope you can support me ^^
Quality guarantee good yea.

Iphone Flowery Casing !! ♥

Flowery Bling Casing is here.
Interested with them? It's easy to order here.
Just email me at "" OR FaceBook Private Message me.
I will reply you ASAP.
The quality guarantee good =)
PM me for the best price yea. ^^

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Iphone Casing ♥ DOLL Casing =D

Helllloo ~ Owner of da Iphone 4/4s. Good news for you and me =D
I've just found out this from my friend !!!!
Guess what ! IS a latest type of cute Iphone casing, HUGE doll behind da casing.
SO CUTE seriously. Gurls you gonna love it deeeeeeeply !
Interested with it?
Just email me at or Facebook Private Message me. I will reply you as soon as possible =)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wedding EVE ~ ♥

Hiii guys ~ Im now in Kuantan. It's 12.15am, 11th of Feb right now. After few more hours will be y sister's wedding. I guess she's quite nervous right now? Haha ! Should ask how she feel tmr morning. My bro and relatives and are in da bus, otw coming to Kuantan =D
Yeahhh ~ Have to wake up early for tmr, gotta sleep right now. Don't want be a panda bridesmaid tmr. >.<

Good night readers ♥

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ipoh Outing ♥

I heart this pic very muchiii ~ Besides club I seldom hang out with BH member. And this time many of them hanging out to Ipoh together. One word ~ FUN ! =D
Went for movie, lunch, dinner and etc !

Mr.Rajiv ♥ He look so nerd on da 2nd pix. == Luckily still manage to get into the kid's playground ~
We've done one silly thing which was took the "da tou tie", big hed sticker? LOL ! My 2nd time in my life. Hahah excited! We don't really know how to use this machine cz the words written is in Japanese. Hmm this is the famous thing in Japan, Taiwan I guess.
Taaadaaa ! Get it ~ This is the outcome. Too small er some of the pic and can't include all people inside since we're 9 of them. It's okay just took for fun =D Hmmmm what's the sudden plan for that night? Yea Lavish again. And this time most of the guy were wearing slipper and short pants..Muahahaha but still manage to get inside. BH is famous in Lavish yea I think? Hmm...
The most happiest thing ever is I bought Laneige Sleeping Mask. I heard thi brand for quite sometimes and I wanna try it for so long. RM100 per bottle, although the price is higher compare with other brand, but this is the most hot selling item in the world. Highly recommend this product !