Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm LOST =(

I knew that wat's our heart thinking and worrying..
At 1st i tot that we still have 7 months like that to built up da relationship or wat..
But after noon i receive ur call, i really shocked !
Yea it's a good news for you and i really feel happy for you...
Cz you got da chance to study the courses that you love =)
So must appreciate da chances that has given to you..
No matter which uni or coll you have choose, i will support you here la =D
Just do whatever thing that you feel is good for your future ya..
Sorry for rejecting you..
I dont want to be like this too, but i force to =(
I hope you know wat's my feeling in da deepest of my heart..
Yea i will always remember wat happen between us in this 1 month..
You gave me a real sweet memory, thanks a lot..
Hmm it has been a long time i didn't cry liao, if you notice my previous post, i mentioned that if there is a long time i didn't cry, dont be suprise if you suddenly see me cry..
Feel more relieve after my tears drop =)
I should back to my life as 1 month b4..
NO call
NO sms
NO sweet word for me
NO day dreaming
A lots of NO for me now onwards...
Sorry for cant make you be mine...i want to do so but i cant =(
Miss ya always ..

Friday, June 25, 2010

Complain ~ ♥

Just now i went to old town 36档 there to makan laksa..
Besides the laksa stall got 1 stall is selling 炸料 + drink..
Then after we order the drinks, it arrived around 10 minutes later..
I order 椰水不要冰, but they put ice inside and there is no 椰肉 !!!
Excuse me la, 椰水没有椰肉 then ppl order 椰水 for what !
Ok lo then i very polite told the uncle : " uncle 我讲我的椰水不要放冰,还有我的做么没有椰肉的?"
After that the uncle wanna change for me..
Now my laksa come jor...
But you knw why i so fed-up?
Is because after i finish my meal the drink still haven change for me yet !
Then i wait until very unpatient, i told the uncle that i dowan alr cz i alr full ..
But he told me making jor...==
If i din ask then they wont make la?
Izit that meaning?
Got ppl do business like tat 1 meh?
Its ok la..after 5 min he give me da drink...
Then he collect money from us..
We told him that just now we alr pay..
Then come another auntie...
She said just now that money is just pay for 炸料 only..
Drinks haven pay...
You knw how much is the 炸料? RM7 !!
We just few things only then RM7..
I find it really expensive then ask how 2 calculate for each for that...
Then the auntie replied :" 你们刚才拿的东西是RM6.50,然后要比较容易算就给你们多几样东西然后算你们RM7 !! "
You din ask ur customer permission then u simply add for them, if they said RM10 oso can 1 la !
Not the money matter la, is just i feel that u canot simply add for customer cz you dont know whether your customer like it or not !
I really fed-up with those thing !!!
I wont order drinks from that stall by now onwards !

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hectic Life ~ ♥

Arghhh !!

Really fed-up with my life now...

Besides assignmnet also assignment !!

How can i finish those assignment within this few weeks?

TENSION la weyyyy !!!

Everyday 8am class except on mondy, i hate TUESDAY and THURSDAY !!

Tuesday = 8.00am - 6.30pm
Thursday = 8.00am - 5.00pm

Wahhh !!! Can u see that? guyss how about ur timetable?

Just try my best to finish my own job ...

Hmm yesterdaý i felt really down..

After chit-chatting with him in da phone, really makes me feel S-H-A-M-E...
Honestly i really seldom get to know all those general thing or things that happen around the world..

I dont even read on newspaper ==
So from now onwards i must get to know more about the general knowledge, it is a good thing for me and it's helpful when i'm going to work in da society !

I think i will share some general things in my blog for da future =D hahaha..do support me..

Guyss....Do share more things with ME ya =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Agaiiiin ~ ♥

Heyy i'm here again~

Regarding my previous post, i mentioned that i will be back to bw again due to all my housemates is going back to their hometown too..

For this trip my 1st plan is ~

Having dinner with him..

He bring me for korean food..

Not not mistaken da shop name is called as "Kim Chi"..

Their wallpaper .. i feel quite unique so snap it down..
we almost finish da food on that time, i forget to snap it down when the food arrived, arghh so sad =(

satisfied with my dinner !! my stomach is damn bengkak and i feels like my top going to pecah ==

So do him =D

Then on the next day i went to makan with her and her ..

Tracy and Soo Yee...

We went to BM jusco for our lunch..
Tracy said that she wanna see me .....

Do you really miss me that much ? hahhaha...

My lunch for that day Udon,YUMMY ~

I attracted by this food at 1st....but after i taste 1 bite....arghh !! the ingredient include da ginger ... HATE ginger la !!

Ms. Sui Yee ~ she ask us to call her this name ==

Now is around 5pm..

I rush back home to prepare for da next plan ^^

Frances going to fetch m at 7pm to Gurney..

We went there for yum cha + shopping for a while..

I knew that he was there, wanna give him a suprise but i FAILED !

When i give him a called, he told me that he is on da way leaving gurney ==

O.M.G ...

What a joke !

Really fed-up lo...

Jz can blame myself, didn't let him know that i m going to Gurney =(

But is okay..

Finally we can met in 69 mansion..


This is the FATE that he has created, lololol..

really appreciate it ^^

Although that night was just sitting and drinking, but it is a meaningfull day for ME =D

Who i talking to ?

1st time met her in club =)

I'm enjoying my night life now..

there are few pictures i still haven get from my frens..so will upload in fb but not here, hehe..

Going to bed now, night guyss ..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to Butterworth ~ ♥

My class end on thursday 5pm, so i decided to go back my homtown on that day..
i bought 6pm ticket but this bus damn noob..
It takes around 3 hours ++ to reach bw..
This is because the driver stopped at Ipoh around 1 hour...
I really fed up with it ~
When i reach jetty then someone come 2 pick me up..
On thursday night dont have any programme, just rest at home to be a good girl =)
On friday i went to manicure and pedicure again ~
haha this time i choose yellow colour for my hand and chocolate colour for my leg...
Elise haven see my nail yet, or else i will kill by her because my finger nail got strawberry, LoL..
After that i went to watch "The Karate Kid" with C and his 2 brothers ...
His lil bro so cutee ^^
The karate kid is a must watch movie guys ~
Its really nice and it is worth to pay for it...
What are u waiting for?
Faster go to the cinema that is near 2 u ~ =D

Lets talk about saturday
my family and i went to gurney on last sat..
At 1st my mood is really bad on that day because of some reasons..
Then after i bought my present, the sadness disappear XD
My sister promise me will buy a watch for me for my bday present..
but she is in KL on that day so i decided 2 buy 1st loo..
Cant wait to get a new watch !!
Thanks to my sis here, i really love da watch very much...

After shopping i went to my grandma house to change cloth and put on some make up..
Seriously it's really a very very light make up on that day..
He come 2 fetch me at my grandma house lo..
Sorry for da unconvenience..
Make u rush here rush there and need 2 wait for me 2 prepared..
Luckily he didn't scold me lo, hahah..
We makan at Feringgi Garden..
I love da ambience there..
There is a garden outside there..
But unfortunately we didn't manage 2 sit outside there because it is raining..
Having a good time there =)
After da dinner..
I plan to join frances them to 69 mansion..
I ask him to join us but he cant..
hmm its ok la, still got chance geh =)
Heavy traffic jams on da way to batu feringgi..
Finally i reach here la..
At this time i'm still in da dry condition..
After 2am, i was totally WET !!
You know why?
Hmm i need to say tq to francis..
She ask her fren to push me into da pool..
OMG !! i'm wearing dress on that night le..
Damn malu !!
Says NO DRESS to 69 !!
Quite enjoy la that night..
I plan to go back 2 bw this thursday again..
Because all my housemate going back on this week...
arghh !! i dowan 2 stay alone at home..
Duno whether my parents will scold me or not a, always go back...

Friday, June 11, 2010

" Nice " Trip ~ ♥

Last friday i went to KL with Elise..
Thursday night we overnight in my brother's sifu temple..
On that night happen some "mysterious" thing ==
Then on friday we sat sifu's car go to KL ~
We took LRT to Times Square because we both wanna shopping !
We L-O-V-E to BUY !!
Almost done our shopping here ~
After shooping then we went to LRT station again, heading to Bukit Jalil..
Wanna start our journey to Genting =)
Unfortunately, when we heading to dazzle show, i " terseliuh "..
Have to blame the stupid high heel shoe, makes me sprained tio !
I notice that the high heel got problem alr geh at 1st, but i forget le still contine wearing it ==
Finally "lai ye"..
hmm..this is the 1st time i sat at wheel chair..
I cant walk at all !!

I met asther there..
i feel so excited when i knew that i gonna to meet her =D
This is da 2nd time we go shopping and chit-chatting together in genting..

B4 we spend our money, sure have to isi perut 1st wat ...
I love food court eh teppanyaki !!
damn nice la oi..

RM20.90 for this meal..

Asther have to join her hubby around evening like tat..
Then elise and me proceed to "ting ting" there to play ==

We very noob lo, spend around RM40 like dat buy jz can exchange for 3 key chains !!
Waste money la ~
After that we went to outdoor for some fresh air =)
Damn cold outside there..
But i LOVE it !
DNow is Dinner time..
We went to "Be a Star" to sing k..

Sambil makan sambil nyanyi, memang seronok !!

This is my brother lo...
After that is capturing photo session !!
We cant stop to snap picture ==

After sing k..
Asther join her hubby for movie..
elise and me prepare for " safari "...

So sad we cant go to da dance floor..
Because just 2 of us went to there..
We have 2 jaga da table summore, haiz..
It's okay la, still got next time, weeeee =)