Friday, April 30, 2010

sweet19th Birthday Celebration ~ ♥

I had a sweeeet and niiiice celebration on last monday
SOHO + SOI 11 ♥
Frances + soo yee + tracy celebrate my 19th bday on there..
hmm we had a lottt of fun there and we enjoy da moment we spent 2gether =D
we took a lot of photo too..
want to see more?
go to my facebook then u can see da album that i jz created...
i also receive my 1st present..
is an white gold necklace =)
guess who gave me this?
hahhahhaha...........anyway thanks "him" for da present ya...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Study Week ~ ♥

I'm now in BW..
My plan back to bw is to study for my final..
cz left me alone didn't back to hometown only for my house..
i dowan stay alone at home..
so i hope i really can study here cz there is an air-con here =D
good environment and mood to study..
going to start my exam on 30th of april and end on14th of may ...
duno who plan the timtable 1..
start from the 1st day and finish on the last day of exam..
pity me la oii..
hope everyone of my fren add oil for the final laa...
then can successfully proceed to SEM 2 =)
wanna study now le...
muackzz !!

Masquerate Night ~ ♥

This night wasted my RM35 for attending it...
arrgggghh !!!
really waste time and money !!
not enjoy at all on that night ...
duhh !!
we just sat down to drink beer..
nth else..
still say got dance floor?
where ? where ?
went to utar geh any of the prom or ball is better than this !!
no next time i promise !!
jz take some picture for that day only, bo mood oso errr...

Make Up Day ~ ♥

WOW !!

how's that picture?

tai kua zheong ?

haha...this is wat the amway's staff help me to make up geh..

ricky ask us go there for a photoshot..

at 1st we all also quite lazy to go ipoh just for photoshot, but finally we also go because of our ji mui..

hmm we reach there around 5.30pm..

after all of us gao tim is alr around 9 sumting..

then we went to crazy ice-cream house had our dinner...

wahh...the lamb chop really nice loo...delicious !!
quite tired la that day...
they will give us the photo very soon ~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

0 degree ~ ♥


we went to ipoh club with wei loon, ivonner, cheng cheng, elise and kind mun..

hmm this is the 1st time i vomit..
i not really drunk but really feel sleepy after 7 bottles of beers...

really feel ~ paiseh !!

hmm no next time cz i hate the feeling of vomit ..

u know ?

i sleepy until didn't remove my make up then went to bed alr..

arghhh !!!!

i promise...this is da 1st and last time !!

dowan to hurt my skin anymore ...