Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holidayssss ~ ♥

Yeahhh finally my sem break is with me now ~
Exam is away from me =DDD
Damn happy and relax now, no need 2 concern and facing those stupid notess again for 3 weeks !
I'm going to Genting and KL later and going back to Penang on 1st October ^^
5am KTM to KL central..Scare i cant wake up errr so early !
It's 2am now, i just left 1 hour+ to slp cz i need to prepare for my 1st trip with my housemate..
This mayb is our 1st and last trip cz next year mayb i going to move house and they are going to graduate soon ~
SO i'm gonna really enjoy this trip with them =D
Stay Tune for my next post ya ^^

Friday, September 24, 2010

Iphone 4 ~ ♥

Any Iphone fans here?
Finally Iphone4 is release in Malaysia ~
Wait until my neck oso looooong XD
Honestly i'm not so interested in Iphone when it just came out until this semester...
Previously i love BlackBerry so much cz of the design ~
But the spec and function doesn't suit me... *too bad*
All i want is Iphone 4...
I heard that there's alot of problem for Iphone4 and asking me to wait for Iphone5..
BUT i think i cant wait anymore cz i really need 2 change a new one =D
My current phone got a lil prob cz i'm using it for almost 5 years =.=

I LOVE the White one but toooo bad Malaysia dont have White Edition yet !
What a waste !
Black seems like very common cz almost all da ppl is taking Black colour ~
I will subscibe 2 Maxis Ivalue plan if i taking this ...
Hope my dad will tunaikan his janji to buy me an Phone =DD
Any comment before i get this phone?
I still under consideration ~
Once i buy it i need 2 use it for a long period la...XD
I dont want to be regret after get this !
SO guys just leave ur comment here if you have any =))))
I've just change my blogspot background and it's red in colour with polka dot ^^
CUTE sia ~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mooncake Festival ~ ♥

Heyy guys..
Happy Mooncake Festival to all of you ya =DDD
This is my 2nd year didn't celebrate at home, cz i'm still got one sub to go on next monday..
This year jz ate few slice of mooncake only, luckily my housemate's mum bring for her then share with us ^^
If not sure very pity le, festive season but no mooncake to eat..
Today i jz finish my Adv paper...
But too bad i have to say this, DIU ! *sorry for being rude*
I studied whole night jz slept for 2 hours and i memories almost all the tips that given by lecturer but still cant answer da paper..
Lecture 12 u memang BABI !! *sorry again*
Afraid that i will fail POP and ADV this 2 papers..
Cheh gong if really fail !
Have 2 pay extra money for repeating and have to extend extra semester...
I dont want to repeat due to have to re-do all the assignment and study the same thing again...
But i wont blame anyone just MYSELF !
Lazy mia akibat la, dai sei !! =((((

Hmm finally today i've receive my stock ~ Lipstick ♥
The colour really niceeeee, makes me wanna own all the colour that i've ordered..
These are the pictures that i capture by myself..
Ready stock include ~
No.8 ( got a lil shining )
Want it?
Leave me a msg here or Email me at lsin_yee@hotmail.com
FaceBook Send Msg to ME =DD
Will reply u ASAP !!!
Cz i'm consider an active user in FB
IF the Internet is going smooth...
I'm officially sick today !
Headache + stomachache + sore throat ! *bagus*
I'm a weirdo..
Sometimes i will forget to eat mia XD
Will you?
2days berturut-turut i jz eat one meal then din eat le, when studying during midnight damn hungry !
Housemates all sleep alr no one can help me to cook or buy food !
I dowan to continue be like this anymore, later gastric lagi susah!
Once again just can blame myself for so BLUR !
Everyone is going back to their hoemtown after fini
sh their exam, haizzz ~
But i still left one sub to go...
It's okay, Sem Break nt far from me anymore =DDD
Yea and one thing that really cheer me up !
That is i'm going to Taiwan for vacation on 28th of Nov =DDD
Hooorayyyy !!!
Family Trip !
Together with parents, sis, bro and one of my aunty =)))
I wanna go Taiwan since looooong time ago..
Finally my parents Tunaikan their promise XD
Weeeeeeee ~~
Gonna buy lotz of stuff from there i think !
Shop til I drop !
I banyak suka =DDD
But after 10 days i come back then going to start final exam..
Luckily i just got 2 sub for next sem ^^
So i think not a problem la !

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Just came back from EMC exam..
3 more subjects to goooo...
Duhh seriously i'm damn tired now, but feels like wanna blogging 1st =D
Recently keep staying in da room, even lazy go for lunch and dinner..
Sorry for nothing special events or activity 2 upload to share with you guys ~
I promise once i back 2 penang i gonna post lotzz of things here ^^
My life is totally upside down now..
At night i cant fall asleep but noon i feels damn sleepy...
Sei lo...day and night terbalik alr..
Should adjust ut back after Finals..
I end my exam on 27th..
Still got 10 days to go...
GOD !!! pls let da time pass faster and reach SEM BREAK !
Cant wait for it..
DATE me when i'm in BW, weeeee =D
I will shout will soh po when i finish my last paper XD
I WILL...Believe ME ^^
I dont like go to da library..
ANTI-Library geh...
But i went to Utar library for ONCE b4 exam start..
I, myself oso feel weird ~
It's almost full when i went that day, all students were studying like hell inside there..
Makes me panic as well..

Yea i admit that i got NO MOOD to study when i'm sitting there...
No choice, have 2 study also !
But pictures come 1st =D
I bet u guys din see my MESSY look before...
Here ~~~
Now u can see how "chan" is my face now..
Dark circle all come out jor..
Everyday using Eye Mask now...
You need it too?
Haha just leave a msg here, i can sell it to u as well XD
Jason and his housemate bought a lot from me, we really need it ALOT !!
But besides exam..
I love to listen 2 da music while i'm resting..
I discovered a song by
Richard Marx Now and Forever..
Yea i've CHANGE my music player song to THIS !!
I'm sooo in LOVE with this song when i 1st time hear it..
It's really touch my heart..
I listen to Jason Chen version as well..
Fuyoh !!
He really has a great voice !
So lam after listen to his version ~
His GF gonna be very lucky huh, muahahaha
Last sentence of the lyric ~ "I will be ur man"...
Who's gonna be my man?
Yea i'm still searching~
Recently happen sumting that is unpredictable..
Dont wanna even think of it anymore, headache !
What i want now is ~ Once my sem break reach, i gonna play gao gao !!
Join me during my sem break..
Someone promise 2 find me ha, dont put aeroplane pls..
You know who you are...

Here is the video that i want to share with you guys..
It's Jason Chen version of Now and Forever...
Enjoy ~
Hope you guys like it..

Monday, September 13, 2010

Celebration ~ ♥

It's September month now ~ !
Sorry for didn't update for a looong time..
I'm having my final exam now until 27th..
Sooooooo long !!!
Hope it can end very very soon ~
This time we celebrate Ah Be, Wilson and Ivonne birthday together
3 in 1 , so convenience =D
Her actual birthday is on Sept 16th..
Ealy celebration for her ^^

Yea this is Wilson ~
Always drunk 1 after drinking XD
His birthday is on 11th of Sept..

Lastly she is Ah Be ♥
We celebrate one night before her birthday ..
Jason, Alex them cheated her for dinner then we go over to Golden Sand after that..
We sang Birthday sonng as loud as we can XD
I think got 20++ of us there on that night...
We're da most BISING gang liao ~

There are 3 birthday cake on that night...
So cute XD
All is mini cake =D

On Friday night..
Wilson treat us for dinner in 家好月圆 that located in Old Town..
At 1st he wanna book "Dong Hoi" but its full..
So we try new place XD
The food is quite NICE BUT they serve da dishes damn SLOW !!!
Elise and me wait until canot tahan alr, both of us damn hungry !!
While waiting then sure is pictures time lo ^^
You know..
This gang got many of them really is 饭桶..
Most of them ate 3 or 4 bowl of rice !!
MY GOD ....
Especially Alex Ling !
He ate 4 bowl of rice that day because of the FISH that he LOVES a lot !
So sad i cant eat so much, need to control..
Just ate half bowl of rice ==
Elise oso ate 2 and a half bowl of rice..
She is CRAZY !!
With Birthday Boy =D

Zhi Qian..
The is the most pretty gal in PR ( she said mia ) XD
I'm so lucky that can take pictures with her lo..
Muahahhaha =D

Makan laaa..

Bear Me Rui Pin

Someone is Missing ~
Who is that?
Is Bee Chin laa..
She's still in Hometown on that day, cant join us..

Elise and me need 2 leave earlier because we rush for second round, that is MOVIE time =D
But we're nt watch Piranha on that night, we watched Piranha on last week alr..
On my opinion, i feel this movie is quite niceeee la..
But they cut all those sexy and kissing part in cinema..
Is like that mia la, in Malaysia we got no chance to watch that, they wont allow us to watch all those part ==
So just search and download it whenever u wanna see the FULL movie XD
It's quite digusting..
Luckily i din go for 3D, or else i will scream more loudly !
This is my 1st time i scream in da cinema..
I get shocked many times when watching it..
But i love horror or thrilled movie, so i feel it is really awesome =D

After Wilson dinner we went for Resident Evil : Afterlife ...
I didn't watch Resident Evil part 1 and 2..So i dont really understand why there are so many Alice in da movie..
Ohh after my fren explained to me then i knew it XD
For me, this movie is not bad la, worth to watch it also..
But i feel that some part of it really jalan until very slow..
A lil bored for that particular part !
The ending was awesome !!
It makes me laugh =D

Its time for me to do revision again !!!
Okayy stay tune for my next post ya

Monday, September 6, 2010

Nude Lipstickss ~ ♥ Wootssss !!

No.4 (pic above)
Nude Lipstick is the most popular lipstick in 2010..
The natural shade seemed to be the number one lipstick choice for GALSSS..
Seriously i'm sooooo in LOVE with nude lipstick..
I found it everywhere but i didn't manage to get da nude lipstick that i like...
But finally i saw it on my fren's blog and i'm so delighted !! ♥ ♥ ♥
Its a MUST BUY product for me !!
So i would like to share with you guys here =D
These lipstick is fully imported from Korea..
I'm taking Tous Brand..

No. 1




No. 7

No.4 is totally nude colour
No.7 got a little pink-ish (more suitable for pale look gal)

The most high recommended and popular is
Now YOU can own ur sexy lips with just applying NUDE lipstick on ur lips...
SO which one is ur choice?
No regrets to grab one for ur own.. =D
Yea if you are interested on these lipstick...
DO contact me ya =D
email me at : lsin_yee@hotmail.com
(please write "enquiries" in the subject place)
Just send me an msg in my inbox of my facebook
I will get back to You ASAP !!
♥ RM28 for one
♥ RM50 for two
♥ RM70 for three
The more you purchase the more cheaper price you will get =)

COD is available in
Penang area ( if i got go there)
Just make an arrangement with me =D
Nude Lips the Fashion Way:
Nude lips are a dramatic look where natural color is taken out of the lips and this is often contrasted with a smoky or dramatic eye.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Aikzzzz ~ ♥

Yea what a sad day..
My kai kor has to go Taiwan for further his studies there..
Hmm i'm gonna miss him lotzz..
Just now one of my fren called me..
He told me that he x sempat go air-port to say goodbye with him...
After i pick his call i broke down..
Just feels like very bu she der him..
I cant go to air-port as well cz i alr back to Kampar..
I'm so so so sorry kor...
Its okay, wait for me bro i gonna visit you end of this year...
Plssss take care urself there and do miss me always (dont always kau taiwan mei) XD
Have a safe journey !!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Korea Food =) ~ ♥

Finally i reach Ipoh around 4pm..
E-yan and Ghost plan go to Ipoh together with ChorHwee cz we owe him a movie a dinner..
He help us out on the adv assignment..
So of course we must treat him makan and movie !!
While waiting E-yan to fetch me, i makan Lime Sundae in McD =) Yum Yum ^^
If you guys love Vera Wang's perfume...
Then you shuld grab this while stock last..
It's just RM149 for 100ml selling in Gurney Plaza..
It's totally worth the price because the normal price is RM300++
Too bad i not really like da smell, so i didn't buy it..
I help E-yan to bought this since she love it a lot =)
We went to BBQ Korea for our dinner...
It is near to 东区 if i'm not mistaken..

Look at my "chan" face..
Tired sia...

I dont recommend this..
It taste was like antibiotic (medicine geh taste) ==
Hate it...
Chao Nian Gao...

All da side dishes...
Wootss =)

Mushroom type of fried food...

Yeaa this 1 nice ^^
Kimchi Soup..

"Pan Fan" ...

Grill Fish..

What is this?
Sorry i forgot =(

This is Pizza..
It's totally different taste from Pizza Hut..
Got seafood inside and lot of cheese..
Although i dislike cheese but this is nice =D
After dinner we went for movie in Ipoh Jusco..
Cats and Dogs is da movie...
But readers...
Pls dont waste ur money on this movie because it's pretty boring..
It suits KIDS but not ME ^^
Gonna watch Piranha soon =D