Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy Busy Busy ~ ♥

♥ before our presentation eating coco-crunch ♥

tis week very busy ar...haiz, no time 2 update my blog oso..

my group act as an media group in mass comm presentation, quite successfull la =)

today web page mid-term really cham la, i duno how 2 do, not dare to see my marks...=(

although busy, but sometimes still will miss u here...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hometown Trip ~ ♥

So fast need to going back 2 kampar again, haiz..miss my home very much la =(

Tis trip i went back feel very happy, although din go out with my frens, but always stay with my family the feeling is really good...

1st thing to do when i went back is i go for medicure...quite okay la the auntie made for me and the price is also reasonable =)

Besides that I also went back 2 my secondary skol for anugerah day, saw my old fren..=)

But this trip i didn't meet him, mayb he also not free 2 choi me lo, haha..xD

Bought a lot of thing this trip, hehe....thanks daddy n mummy for buying all those stuff for me, muackz!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cooking ~ ♥

♥ cooking french fries la...=D
2day we are having discussion of mass communication's assignment...have to think 20 question,so each of our group member have to think 4 question...luckily my question very fast gao tim jor =) but after finish our part oso need to help our group member to think their question..tis 2 days duno why one of my fren keep in moody mood, i oso duno wat happen 2 him, not dare to talk with him too much...hopefully he can slove his problem faster la, then change back like last time d him, mix with us and try 2 do some silly stuff again..
Yeah ! tmr i will be going back to my hometown ~ butterworth..alr 3 weeks i din go back le, very miss my family, my friends and my bed...hehe...hope can meet my old fren and hang out with them =D
how about him? i duno, jz follow wat's the god has plan for us..i dowan 2 force or do something that wont get any rewards again...
♥ ~ wait for me ya my lovely home and family =) i will be back after 17 and a half hours ...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

photo day =)

at livin cabin..the box really nice ^^

in da car and with my lunch...=D

ytd we went to ipoh to watch harry potter..haiz but it really makes me disappointed, not nice at all..but can go shopping a while oso good la, relax a bit ar cz now very busy with mid-term n assignment...bought a skirt and pink colour d crystal braclet..hope d braclet really effective lo,haha xD...then at night when i reach home ask my housemate buy "lo mai fan" for me, very nice..=) took a lot of pic ytd, cz very long din take pic lo..although cant go back penang to go bon odori, but got go ipoh oso okay alr choice =( quite miss him ar, alr 3 weeks i din go back..duno whether he will miss me or not, or missing other gal..haiz..hope him happy always ar...

Friday, July 17, 2009

nightmare =(

i had a nightmare jz now..

its really scare me !! i tot jz now can have a sweet dream cz tmr dont have exam..but i dream that i caught by 2 chinese ppl...but luckily i manages 2 escape..

i dont hope this will happen to me in my whole life !!

so, we gals must knw how 2 protect ourself !

dont go anywhere by urself only !! cz criminal case will happen at anywhere, anytime !!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hate Exam !!

Who can tell me what is the main purpose for exam and doing assignment? sem 2 alr so busy, how about when go 2 degree? haiz! got no idea la..always exam, stupid! total of tmr n thursday i got 3 subjects waiting for me! how? haven study yet oso...i dowan 2 fail ! i dowan 2 repeat ! who can help me? GOD!! suddenly miss my family, i alr 2 weeks din go back 2 hometown alr..=( tis week cant back oso! I miss my home!! tis 2 weeks hopefully can pass quickly and let me 2 enjoy and relieve for a moment ..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tired ~

Yeaterday night i cant sleep, i oso duno why...2day my class is at 8am in the morning, after my alarm clock rang, my eyes really cant i sleep until 1pm afternoon...haiz, wat happen to me har? teruk sia ~ i got still continue contact with him, as a normal fren...but i feel that he doesn't care wat has happend between us..feel disappointed la for sure =( but nvm la, god will arrange my life for me, if he still love me, he sure will find me back right? if don't, even though i force him oso no use geh..hopefully he can enjoy his life now and happy always...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

` iN a sAd mOOd `

Finally ~ we end up on yesterday `12th of july..

haiz..duno how 2 describe my feeling..

I never want it to be like this..this feeling is killing me !!

But i feel that you are changing, i cant accept this changes..

so i decided 2 end this up although i know i sure will CRY ~~

hope that you can find someone that are much more better than me k? i know you will..

lastly, i wanna tell u that, actually i'm still love you deeply..

I need sometime 2 settle myself down..


Thursday, July 2, 2009

11 / 7 / 09 ~ do lotz of thing ...

my uni having "pesta minda" ..
Free "vico" le..haha xD i drink 4 cups nia ..
After discuss assignment, we went 2 have our 1st dinner 2gether
syok syok nth 2 do then take pic in tesco lo xD
Elise so bad la...ask ricky 2 take d basket, bully him..

~ yesterday i done quite a lotz of thing...go consult lectural for assignment la, go for the programme of pesta minda...after that need 2 discuss about d assignment again...*haiz* no choice lo, tis is a student's work..after that around 6 sumting we all went 2 bamboo cafe eat dinner, i eat singapore bihun, the taste quite okay but it is oily 2 me..=( sure wont end our day like tat la, after dinner we went 2 lotz of "sampat" things there la, keep laugh laugh laugh...all of my groupmate very funny 1..^^ Lastly, we eat durian at elise's house..but we kena tipu alr la, we bought 4 durian, jz got 1 is nice d, others not spoil then is taste-less 1 ... So, later we will go 2 change d durian with that uncle!!