Friday, October 29, 2010

Indulgence - Ipoh ~ ♥

Before back to bw i stay overnight in Ipoh on last saturday..
Cz i need to take sumting important from my frens b4 going back..
I took KTM alone at that day..
I feel Kampar geh KTM station at night very dangerous le, no ppl there when i reach, SCARY >.< !
Totally different from Ipoh's KTM station..
She bring me to Indulgence..
She told me that the dessert over this restaurant is nice =)
Hmm i also heard from another fren said that the food there is quite expensive, consider as high class restaurant..
So should say thank you to her cz she gonna give me a treat on this !
Yeah yeah ~

Menu ~

Watermelon + Apple =D

The ambience there suitable for those couples..
Quite romance there, can date ur partner here for meal =)
+ makan dessert, fuyohhh sure sweeeeet until melt ar their heart XD
wah bak bao face =(

Tiramisu ~

Another one is banana's flavour cake ~

Galss you can have pillow talks there too..
Pillows are available in the sofa seats =D
Next plan we went for Lok Lok..
She said it's quite famous in 南区 ..
But i just ate few sticks only cz i'm soooo FULL ....
I dont wanna eat so much ar start from now..
Have to control food intake XD
At night we both having gals talk until 2 sumting midnight..
We discuss lots of stuff on that night..
About guys, food, relationship, diet problem ETC ...
Muahahhah !
I memang kap siao mia kaki, anyone mix with me their mouth sure will talk non-stop too..
Next morning she wake me damn early in da morning ~
Around 9.30am !
I still in a blur condition then she wanna bring me for breakfast !
Memang will FAT ar if everyday like this, ngek ngek !!
Curry mee soup..
The taste is quite nice for me seriously...
Lotss of ppl dine in in this shop..
Almost full ar when we reach there..
Luckily no need to Q up waiting for seats...
The location is near 大河园 if i'm not mistaken..
Dry ~

This is super duper deliciousss =D
Mix with the sauce that they provided..*picture above*

After breakfat, heading to Bus station la =)
Gonna stay overnight in Ipoh again cz still got lotz of local foods i haven try yet !
BW i'm coming

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome to Da Parade ~ ♥

可是我没得看因为是在我的考试期间,错过了 =(





Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ipoh Mari Ipoh Ipoh Mari xD ~ ♥

As you know my class for this sem is just falls on Monday and Saturday..
Cz i just got 2 subjects in this semester..
Besides Mon and Sat what can i do in Kampar?
Muahahaha i also dont know..
Plan go to gym or walk in garden ba =D
Gotta find someone to accompany me to garden XD
If not i will just go back to hometown lo, or else i will very bored here.. =(
Plan to go KL but i dont wanna disturb him er since he got class on weekdays..
Luckily i still got my gang here a..
Tuesday ~
Went to Ipoh for movie with
zhi qian
The Other Guy ~
I heard someone said it's nice but for me is sien ar..
Watch til half way then we get rid from there..
I almost fall asleep when watching this movie ==
Yea i tie my hair again on that day..
Someone merajuk a cz he said i din tie infront of him xD
Got chance geh =D

We went to Black Canyon for dinner..
Is a Thai restaurant if i'm not mistaken..
I love spicy food =DD

Tomyam soup ~

My American Fried Rice ~

Babe qian's set ~

Babe Queen and E-yan's set =D *blur*
After that we went to Old Town for meeting Qian and Queen's BF..
Cant tahan them ar, sweeeeet dou...
Look at them i also can feel da happiness in their eyes =D
Hang Fukkkk ^^
Next day
Wednesday ~
Jason said wanna go for Ipoh and stay overnight in Alex's house..
Since we got nothing to do, so just follow him to IPOH =)
Ah Be
Having supper in East Gate..
Actually wé had our dinner b4 this but they not satisfied with it..
So..continue with supper before sleep..
Watermelon Juice..BIG one..

Curi ppl's drink to cam =)

Satay satay ^^

But i not really like da kuah, weird a bit ==

My favourite, muahaha..
But ginger's taste is stronger, i hate ginger a lot !
Overnight at Alex's house..
Maybe is x biasa sleep so early ar, cant slp well at that night..
Same to Elise, the next day we woke up very early ^^
They still scare i canot wake up, mana tau i'm the earliest !!!
Dont blame me again a next time !!
Done prepare..
Wanna go for breakfast..
Four of us ~
Emi dont act SHY lo XD
Half-boil egg + bread..
Others i forget 2 capture, just remember 2 eat only >.<
Next destination ~ Jusco !
We plan to Sing k but it's business hour is start on 12pm..
So we gotta wait..
Watson and Guardian is our choice for a walk there !
Waiting in McD cz haven reach 10am yet..
Jusco operate business in 10am mer..
Ji mui ~
Ling Shao ~
My face look weird wey !
Cute Be ~
Actually i still not yet recover from cough and catch cold..
My voice like......errr..
My nose block ar hard 2 sing...
Pity Elise..
We're having P on da same day but she is suffer from that..
Whole day moodless ar, feel uncomfortable >.<
Take care ar you ~
Ah Be teruk mia kaki..
Pay for sitting there only.. ==

Macam terencat akal la bang xDD
My look of the day..
Gotta slim down seriously, if not no ppl want me err.. =(

Sing for 3 hours..
Alex and his wife having class on 4pm..
So we gotta go back to Kampar after singing session..
End our trip here ~~
Next time i wanna go other place ar, Ipoh really nth much can do >.<