Monday, October 31, 2011

PhotoShoot Part 2 ~ ♥

Da second shoot was held on a sunny Sunday.

Our location is - Hotel Room, 姓周桥 and Botanical Garden.

I woke up at 5.30am and get myself prepared then they came to fetch me at 6am.

I'm so sleeepy that time.

They booked a hotel near to Jetty.

I've forgotten da name of ze hotel.

My sleepy face =.=

Yea I love this. =)

Gotta slim down few more KG before my sista's wedding !!!
Gonna be a bridgesmaid that time, excited =D

Next we went for 姓周桥.

This is the place where the "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" take some scene here.

It's a beautiful place. This was my 1st time visit here =D

You can feel those heritage building and houses.

Fishing boats were there and there was temple inside the village.

Photographer's grandpa was staying inside this village.

Last one. Botanical Garden.

Monkeys all around and they were so fierce.

Better stay away from them, scary !

Give some comment after see this and my previous post =D

PhotoShoot Part 1 ~ ♥

This shooting we went to near Jelutong Express Highway there, behind the Burger King for some shoot. Seriously if they didn't bring me there, I don't know that place at all.
I'm from BW so can't blame me right ? XDD

White colour top with jeans.

I seldom buy those white colour top or dress, it makes me look fat.

One and my only one white colour top.
This is the nicest among all.
I prefer darker colour one.

As I said I don't really love to put white on me, so I decided to change my top.
Yey ! New bought from MnG top. Luv It!

Next we proceed to Fort Cornwallis for the next shoot.
I love Green colour. =)
There is a huge field there and yea start to shoot again.

Not to forgot, my babe joining me for this time.
After worked then we both rushing for this.
Luckily we're manage to get in time. =D

Friendship picta ♥

Last one before we change our cloths.

Maxi dress is our next one.

I bought it from Bangkok.

I'm so regret why I didn't grab more pieces when I was in Bkk.

Gonna get myself more maxi dress now =)

Although I'm short but I would love to try on maxi dress also.

Can wear high heels right? Hehe I love high heels alot !

After dinner then we went Old Town for dinner.

After that I change to another black dress.

This is one of my favourite !!

So Old Skol feel XD

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Behind The Scene ~ ♥

Imma in Fort Cornwallis. Ready for photoshooting session ~
But before that, capture some of the picture as "behind the scene" picta as a memory XD

I went for a photoshooting session during my last semester break. If you got follow my instagram or facebook you will notice it.
The pic above is da photographer, his name is Edwin. Besides really need to thanks for Chun Wei for finding me as their model for this time. =)

I would like to try and experience more on this because I'm interested on this field.
I sign up a package during foam 5 past few years for photoshooting but that cost me RM400.
Hmm nowadays many of them own their own DSLR, so if possible just find one of da fren and capture for us ~ They need to improve their skills too right? =D

I went for 2 day. Actually I thought it was just one day photoshoot but after the 1st day they require me to shoot for another day with more other places and scene. Since I'm so free staying at home, why not try it out another time.

We went for few places. Botanical Garden, 姓周桥(Chew Jetty), Sg.Pinang, Fort Cornwallis and ETC. Hmm will upload my picture on the next post =D
Thanks for capturing all those picture while I'm doing my photoshoot ~

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ingolf's Kneipe German Reataurant ~ ♥

Before my sem break end, this is my last chance to hang out for movie, dinner and etc.
What's your number is movie of za day. I'm not sure what is the story all about because I didn't watch the trailer before i entering the cinema, lols. What I heard is about a comedy and a love story. This movie takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes. The story is talk about a woman looks back at the past twenty men she's had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love. The storyline is quite okay and it's quite touching at da end of the story.
After the movie what's next? Hmm Batu Ferringhi is my favourite spot.
I love the sound of wave, the wind blow softly on my face.
It makes me feel relax and I'm really enjoy with those feeling. =)
Planned to wait for da sunset, but unfortunately da cloud continued to darken the skies.
What an disapppointed evening. =(
It's okay because I gonna went for Ingolf Kneipe Restaurant for dinner, yey !
Here it is. But guys pls bear in mind, please make a reservation before heading to here because it is damn lotz of people will be dine in during dinner time especially weekends.
Luckily there were still a bar counter place left, or else it gonna be a sucks night again for me.

This is a quite famous and popular german restaurant in Penang.
Address : Jalan Sungai Kelian, Tanjong Bungah, Penang
Tel : 04-8995796
Business Hours : Open daily for lunch and dinner (except Monday)
The price is quite resoanable.
Guava Juice.
Ice Lemon Tea.
Next time gonna try the Paulaner beer. Wasted ar didn't try it on that day itself. >.<
It's okay there is always another time =)

YEAHHH finally food arrived. Lamb chop with black pepper sauce + wedges + salad.

Pork Belly. This is one of the famous food here. The portion is quite satisfying and the price is around RM30+ or -. I rated it 4/5 =)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Krabi Trip ~ ♥

Gonna post about Krabi Trip for this time =)
Just back to kampar to continue for my year 2 trimester 3, it's a short sem right now.
But is kinda busy for this sem because need to prepare for moral campaign, pr campaign and lots of assignment. Gonna be very very stressful tis sem >.<
Actually I going Phuket and Krabi both places together with Libra Star Cruise.
They provide us 6 meals per day including breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner and supper.
Before having our dinner, there were lots of performances that will be perform by their crew.
Singing, dancing, magic show, band and so on to make sure that we really enjoy ourself to travel with them.

Dinner time reached ! Today's dinner is BBQ theme in Deck 9.
Oppps ! Need to Q-up before get our food ~
It is a buffet style, so you can choose whatever food that you love and eat til you drop !

It's 7pm right now. The sky turns dark soon.
But the view is awesome. The wind blow on our face, it's super relax and you gonna enjoy it.
The next day after we woke up, we reached Krabi Island.
Camwhore 1st before heading to the Krabi Town.

There will be a boat in each hour to pick us up then send us back to the Star Cruise.
We did'nt follow the tour that organised by Star Cruise because it's quite expensive and there is not much thing in Krabi Island seriously.
So we just rent a cab and he will takes us to Krabi Town for a look.
The fee is around 1000bath for 4 persons.
Try to lower down the price because usually they offer in a high price.
Heyyyy let's go to Krabi Town =D
1st destination - Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Seua)
But do not expect to see tigers here.

The area is will lit and very well maintained preserving the serenity of the environment.
The area is well lit and very well maintained preserving the serenity of the

The whole area is full of caves and limestone rock formations.
The whole area is full of caves and limestone rock formations.The whole area is full of caves and limestone rock formations.
There are two passages, one taking you up to 1200 steps to the hill top. The commanding view all around shall be worthy of taking the strain to climb to the hill. The second passage is only 130 steps and you reach the place where monks live in their small cottages.
There are two passages, one taking you up by 1200 steps to the hill top. The
commanding view all around shall be worthy of taking the strain to climb the
hill. The second passage is only 130 steps up and you reach the place where
monks live in their small cottages.

History of this Tiger cave.

After visit Tiger Temple, we heading to Krabi Town.
I found one interesting stuff when the driver stop at the traffic light.
Look at Krabi's traffic light, there is a Godzilla on top of the digital number, cute !
I saw this when we travel all the way to town.
So we stopped by and capture this crab =D
The crab is made by the bronze.
It's lunch time. We are not manage to dine in Star Cruise Restaurant because we're away from the cruise. So we gotta find some place to have our lunch.
The kitchen gallery is the place where we dine in.

And yes my favourite !!!
KFC Portuguese egg tarts. Although some of the places in Malaysia are selling this but i'm not sure whether penang's branch is selling this.
5/5 rate for this =D

This is also not available in Malaysia KFC.
It contain only prawn in it.
Hot Hot !!
Weather in Krabi is hot on that day after rain.
The next place is souvenir shop.
Selling some key chain, snacks and those usual things ~
But the price is absolutely higher than other stall.
For me, Krabi is a place that suit couples or youngsters more if you love beach.
If you plan to shopping or hunt for food, Krabi is not a good place for you.
Bangkok or Phuket is nicer =)
After this we gotta get back into the Cruise because at night there is a GALA Dinner.
Formal wear or dress is more prefered for this dinner.
Our table !
Appetizer. All are my favourite !
Shark Fin soup.

Lastly is Sago dessert.
Although it is just a simple trip for me but i'm delighted because I love to travel around especially with my family members. <3
Gonna plan to go for Korea or Japan next year, I love Japan alot !!!