Friday, September 25, 2009

hahaha !!! finally final exam finish la, having my sweet sem break now..

after suffer so many days, now can relax le..

hope this sem break can brings me lotz of fun and happiness la b4 i going back 2 suffer again..

last night we go celebate at 21st until 3am..

they said i looks like drunk liao, but i didn't la..

have fun last night, cz very long din laugh like crazy ppl alr..

2night mayb will have frens gathering...

how it would be?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Your Promise Are Craps ~ ♥

today is a special day ~ 090909 =D

actually today i feel very happy, because he is going to interview for the mooncake promoter and i hope he can successfully get the job..finally he did it =) congrats

But why this thing always happen between us? ytd in da phone, i jz mention 2 him that i'm delighted because we didn't argue for many days alr..i hope this can maintain til d end..

Unfortunately, it mess up ! mayb because of me, mayb u feel that i m really not suit for u..

But why that time u wanna pull me back? i dont understand !

Being hurt by a person for the several times..Tis time its real..chances are given many times 2 u, since u want our ending become like this, then i will just follow wat u has said..

God..hope u can lead me to the correct path..i beg you !

090909 is a sucks day !

p/s i know u can find a better one, hope ur dream come true =) take care urself and enjoy ur work..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Study We3k ~ ♥

Time passed so fast tis sem !

Damn fast man !


Now heading to final exam for my 2nd sem..

really headache for it...i think not just me, everyone oso fed up with it .. right guys?

Dowan 2 fail any of the subjects in 2nd sem, pls help me god !

Have A Great Study Week To All Of YOU !! NO CHOICE , JUST ADD OIL =D