Sunday, January 29, 2012

Xmas Eve in Star Cruise - ♥

I know it's kinda late to post this right now, muahahaha ~ I'm free now so just post it lar since I abandoned my blog for sometime. This is about how I past my Xmas Eve. Yea I'm with my family that day, we went Star Cruise Libra again.

Hohoho Santa wishing us a Merry Christmas =D

Turkey is the main dish for Xmas right?

Besides Turkey, cheesy pasta, apple with chicken, beef and lots more.

After dinner is time for dessert =D They serve many types of dessert and cakes. Such as Coca-Cola flavour, Cheese Cake, Pudding, Chocolate Flavour and ETC ! You will love it once you taste it. Seriously =)
Happy Family yo !
Xmas decoration ~
I'm with my Xmas hat. I love this hat so muchhhhh ~
Is time to go for countdown party people ! Look at the crowd !! Many of them joining for this session ~ This party is at the pool side. =)
3 - 2 - 1 Merry Xmas !!!!
Those stuff is given by their staff ~ Got hat, whistle and others more.
Yeahhh I got my Pink set of goodies bag while my bro is blue one =D
Santa in the house yo ! The captain, manager all celebrating with us too. We have a great time. But too bad I'm not going for the New Year Eve party cz I'm working that time. >.< My uni organise a Utar Ball in this cruise too. Utar people you guys can join them if you're interested !

Happy Dragon Year - 2012 ♥

Hey guys !!! Happy Chinese New Year yo ! It's Chu 7 today. I've been busy for this CNY, visit and went alot of places. Now Im freeeeee. You know why? Cz I back to Kampar again. >.<
No choice. Gotta attend Monday class tmr or else I won't back this early.

This year CNY eve falls on 29th but not 30th. =)

We bought Sakae's Yu Sang and prepare steamboat for reunion dinner. This year gonna be the last year for my sis to have reunion dinner with us ~ Cz after she get married then she have to stay in Kuantan and won't coming back that early for CNY.

Seriously I don't really love Yu Sang. I just love to "lou"..LOL ! And I love the Salmon, scallop, jellyfish that all. == Those vege I don't like the smell. But one year "lou" one time, so gotto eat also =D

Fishy ~ one of the decoration bought from China.

Steamboat done prepared. We gonna start to eat at 8pm =D

Eat eat and eat !!!!!! It's okay to gain weight during CNY, after CNY just diet larrr... alot of nice food to eat ~ they are seducing me, so i got no choice >.< I gain around 1.5kg this CNY. Sad wey !
1st day of cny !!! bro and sista ~ Visit relatives day =D
Reach my grandpa house once we arrive Penang. He is getting older and older. Must take care ur health =)

When i was young I love to sit here and play with those gold fish. But now no more gold fish, my grandpa din rare anymore ~ Mayb no people take care them gua ~
Gong Hei Fatt Choi <3

Heart my dress so much !!!! Wanna get another piece summore ~

Chu 2 we also went to Penang visit relatives. Start to gamble in Chu 2 =D
Just bought a large wristlet and a large longchamp this year. No time to shopping ~
Waiting for my family to get ready ~ so capture few pictas b4 hanging out ~ Sis is the photographer, LOL. Not pro one. XDD

Last picta =D This CNY I eat alot, this is what I want to say ! Gonna diet start from today cz my sis wedding is on next 2 weeks. I afraid I cannot fit in my dress on that day.......Mission must be complete !!! Controling myself now =) Pray for me that I can success, hahaha!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

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