Friday, August 10, 2012

Look at the sea. It's awesome !
I love sea a lot. But too bad, I don't know how to swim. >.<
I wish to learn but I need someone to teach me. Haha !
This is my langkawi trip :)
With who? My lover and his buddy ! 

 We went a lot of places. Including aquarium, cable car, pulau duyung etc etc. 
Forgot those places name, LOL.
The most cute picture ever is this !!!
Look at the picture below yo :)

 Tadaaaaaa !
This one :)
They are so cuteeeeee !
Gonna ki siao when I 1st look at them. 

 We went to Pulau Mengandung ~
and another pulau but I don't know the name. 

 Our group photo :)

The time when we taking boat to the destination.
Arghhhh I should post this earlier.
Cz I've forgotten all the place's name  >.<
Next post gonna be Phuket post :)
Stay Tune ya !!!