Monday, August 31, 2009

KL trip ~ ♥

quite delicious la =)
wow ! my cuttle fish lunch , yummy ~

elise n me after having lunch


1st shop that i enter in

me ^^

wanna buy tis kind of cloth very long le ..

at times square d shoe shop la

♥ 1st of all have 2 say " happy birthday " to my daddy la =) daddy i wish u stay healthy always and shun shun li li in everything tat u wanna do ^^ 1 more thing is must continue sayang me la, haha xD
and hope my sister will enjoy her australia trip and buy alot of thing come back for me, trip ya =D
Yesterday elise, cheng cheng, kind mun and me went to KL for shopping la =)
wow ! really is mega sales ! a lot of shop is having sales and selling at a cheap price but canot try all the cloth 1..
I saw many of the cloth oso quite nice la, but canot try ar, so i jz bought 4 pieces, including dress, skirt, top =)
We plan to go together again for next trip b4 chinese new year la..
i KL la ~
Lastly wish u all have a great national day la =)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yahoo ~ New Product ~ ♥

MX24 樱花嫩白光采面膜 (replace MH6 because MH6 out of stock)
✿ 樱花嫩白光采面膜,不只有淡淡的樱花味,更精萃西印度樱桃,让西印度樱桃里天然的维他命C深入调理毛孔,滋养肌肤改善暗沉,让肌肤维持不紧绷的清爽状态,换给肌肤明皙光采,

✿Effective for whitening. Containing Sakura flower essence, this masks aims in restoring your skin to pearl like, crystal clear, soft and rosy look.

RM4 per piece..( added new ingredients and is a lovely packaging )

✿ 详细介绍
✿ 产品效果:

✿ 本品蕴涵经多种活化性处理的超微金箔—活性金修护原液维他命B3、天然桑树萃取精华以及葡萄叶等植物精华。利用活性金修护原液为眼部皮肤创造一个良好的倒入环境,提高眼部肌肤对营养成分的吸收,促进眼部血液循环,快速缓解眼部酸胀和疲劳;有效祛除黑眼圈(dark circle)、平复眼袋(eye bag)、鱼尾纹(wrinkles)让你的眼睛焕发迷人风采,电力十足。个人认为去眼袋和黑眼圈的效果很好,如果眼睛很疲劳,只要一贴这个眼膜,你马上就觉得非常舒服~值得一试哦.

RM3.3 per piece

For other type of mask information, pls visit

for more information =D

Buy more will get more free ya ^^

Anything can just email me or just add me in msn -

♥ order for the 3rd badge ~ hope to hear from you all soon ~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pizza Hut ~ ♥

looks delicious

favourite mushroom soup

new flavour pizza

me + wen wen
yesterday we went old town eat pizza hut la.. my 1320 A/1 housemate unhappy because of some reason, so we go eat at 3pm la..=)
Hope that she will be okay now la after chatting with us...^^
U got still got us la, just ignore those who are trying to hurt us..
U can do it ya
add oil la

Monday, August 17, 2009

Programme ~ ♥

last friday when i jz reach butterworth, then straight go pacific 2 find my sista...she is doing facial at that time, after that sure is purchasing shiseido stuff la..she buy eye brown liner and concealer for me =) haha..thx ya...

eye brown liner + concealer

Very long didn't use this bag d...=)


At saturday, we went to kemunting eat " FISH " lunch with my family n sista's bf, he came from kuantan..there mainly jz serve fish ..

wow ! this shop is introduce by paper b4 ..

This is the one part menu of that shop...looks delicious, yummy !!

In the lake they all rear many fishes there ...

This is the entrance la ^^

Looks " lao ia" rite ? But the food is delicious la =D

Me b4 hanging out with stich

at secret recipe with soo yee besides me

waiting frances come 2 fetch me ar =)

when hanging out with asther

leng lui and me

soo yee me frances

After graduate from secondary skol then didn't meet with them alr, all oso very busy with their life...but luckily sunday still manage to meet them la..all oso din change, still so leng lui...we go jusco walk walk only la, then find a place 2 chit chatting ~ secret recipe

Sunday night ~ he came to find me after his cousin's wedding...Juz chatting at da car cz that time alr late, almost 1am...h,, da feeling is still there la, but....aiyo duno how 2 say it, haha ! See how many effort do you put in 1st la ya, let me decide =)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Press Conference ~ ♥

Going to Press Conference Presentation ...
It is quite successful ..
We really put a lot of effort on it =D
Will upload our Press Conference picture when i get it, stay tuned ya !

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kris Allen Fans ~ ♥

There he is ! Season 8 winner of americanidol ♥ kris allen..
Check out his songs !
I have uploaded on my music box !
Really awesome for me !
Hopefully you will make a tour 2 malaysia !

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Night ~ ♥

Having web page lecture ...
(original me la, no make up 2 class geh )

Me n Jessica

Kind Mun and me

Today makes me worry a lot because of the web page assignment...our group haven post the web page to the free webside...but luckily miss lee let us gao tim it b4 presentation, or else today i sure moody jor..hehe..

Just now went to fun fair with kind mun and jessica...omg !! really nth at there la, jz few things only, looks so "lao ia" (hokkien).. =.= after that then go ghanny drink my favourite ♥ limau ice =)

Accidently saw something jz now at fun fair, i feel elise sure will scream when see it, so i bought jor..quite nice la, 1 pair geh, so saya satu dia satu la...Will give her on sunday la, hope her like it =)

k la, now is 1.25a.m. , gotta go to bed now, dark circle become more serious jor...night and ciao !

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boring Life ~ ♥

♥♥♥ H1N1 ♥♥♥










很期待14号回家啦,还是家人比较好,很想念我可爱的妈妈 =D 妈妈也应该很想我吧,哈哈!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finish Mid - Term la =D ♥

Finally jz now finish my mid-term test...

but a lot of presentation still waiting for me =(

hopefully all pass quickly then i can go enjoy b4 final exam...xD

miss my home again...but have 2 wait until 15th of august baru boleh balik ke kampung...