Friday, August 27, 2010

Press Conference Day ~ ♥

Finally Mock PC is here...

This is my last presentation in Sem 2 =D

We work very hard for this PC..

Before the day of PC, all of our group mates works until 6am in da morning..

Damn tired laa..

And we need to reach campus at 11am for preparation..

But for me i feel it's worth because lecturer said that we are da best team among the 3 teams that presented on that day =D

Delighted when hear what she said to us !

Is this nice?

This is draw by chu hui, one of our group member...

AND paint by Ah be..

Me, Alex, Janell oso got help to colour this banner la =) but just the easy part, hehe..

Finally edited by chu hui again...

He is really talented on drawing and designing...

Salute you !

I believe that in future he will be a successfull drawing artist in future =D

Our backgrounder...

Speech given by Jason

And Elise...

Our Media Group..

Camera woman XD

Break time...singing song...

Heng Ee is one of our Hunger Child...

Praying Session...

My group !

I hope that we got chance can work 2gether again...
Appreciate every moment that we spent together =D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Press Conference Video ~ ♥

Today we're going to record the video of our press conference for PR Writing =D
I tie up the "wan zi tou" for the very 1st time but unfortunately cant see through this pic =(
Can u see my tutor behind me?
He is Mr.Paul and he is damn bitchy.. ==
He likes to kap siao a lot and talk those funny funny thing..
He love to give low marks for our presentation..
Damn him ==
Now is 4pm in da afternoon..
Location is Eastlake field there..
Weather is really hot la as you can see ...
But no choice we gotto take the video cz of the PC...
Ah Khei, Chris, Josephine, Pei San, Alice, Heng Ee all of them helps us out in this video..
They act as Africa child aka hunger child...
My character is an assistant of the A-Mei (Chooithing)..
They setting up the "booth"

Can you see da cow?
Looks really like the rural places la..

Look at their faces..
Macam pengemis la oi...
Especially Elise yap...

CT character is A-Mei...

She act as hunger child..Haaa..

Our gang...

We finish our recording at around 7pm like that...
So tired la after taking this video because of the hot weather and NG for few times...
Tmr is our Press Conference, wish us luck =D

Famine 30 ~ ♥

Do you guys know what is famine 30?
Actually is an event that need to hunger for 30 hour and it is under World Vision =)
I become a helper for this year famine 30...
My DIY camp is in Kampar Beautiful Gate =)
I arrived there around 8.30am on saturday then we start famine at 10.00am..
We need to starve until the next day 4.00pm sunday ^^
This is my very 1st time join this event, excited ! ♥

Actually helper nothing much to do because there are toooo much helper in our camp..
So while starving is a very good time to capture pictass

During this 30 hour, we just can consume plain water and soya
Can you guys tahan without food for 30 hour?
Haha at 1st i really feels like wanna eat especially reach those lunch and dinner time..
Although i din feel hungry but still wanna chew sumting lo..

Mineral water

Soy Rich Soya

While resting

me , ren jie , wei hao , elise

Sleeping time now...
We need to rebut cardboard as our bed lo...
We sleep at car park area that night...
1st time =)

Her sleeping look

I hate mosquito a lot laa !!
keep kacau us when we're sleeping !
I quite enjoy that night because when i lying down, i can look at the sky =)
Nice experience...

Here we reach Bukit Jalil for the final 4 hour countdown...

Inside the stadium..

There are a lot of celebrity there on that day..
Such as Z-Chen, Fish Leong, Nicholas Teo, Daniel Lee, and a lotssss more =)
Awesome concert for me..
Cz we can meet those celebrity without paying for it..
Hahaha !

Its 4pm...
This is our food that provided by the organiser..

Finally we can makan !!

With William

In da bus..
Going to makan at Jejantas there, sg.buloh ..

This is our certificaten=D
I feel really touching when it reach 4pm..
Cz i really make it and successfully pass this 30 hour without food..
Now i knw da feeling of the Africa child or any other urban places child who dont have food to eat..
They even get beaten by their own parents and they force to work to survive at a young age..
So we need to appreciate wat we have now and help those ppl who needs our help !
I think i will be a participant for next year famine 30 ^^
Join me if you guys interested ...
for more information =)