Monday, February 21, 2011

Reunion Dinner ~ ♥

This is the 2nd year our PR gang having CNY reunion dinner together =) This time da dinner held in East Ocean Restaurant, 东海酒楼 ~
At 1st we plan having it at 家好月圆 which located at old town but unfortunately there's no any private room, so we dicided to change da venue..

Around 7 sumting we heading to da restaurant since it start at 7.30pm..
But when we reach the private area is not available anymore..
The President of Lion club and those Dato were having dinner there too..
So no choice we have to sit outside there..

The 1st thing sure is 捞生,捞到风山水起 XD
This is one of da culture, every year is a must to 捞生 =)

We 捞 until da whole table so dirty ==
But i dont like da taste actually, unless those which sell in Sushi King or Sakae Sushi, that is different =D
That's super delicious yo !!
After this, we start to having our meal...

沙襃豆腐 ~

白叔公鱼 ~

麦片虾 ~

药材鸡 ~

咸鱼花灡锅 ~
菜胆 ~
After dinner, we start to chit-chatting, snap here and there NON-STOP XD
My aim is snap with all da ppl who attend this dinner.. ^^
Natalie ..

Ivonne ..

Gosh da baby boy is so cute neh !

G.A.L.S <3

木啊 ~

Having a birthday celebration session with Ah Khei and Natalie..
We bought da cakes at Just To Eat..
RM23 each if not mistaken..
Da taste is quite nice..Thumbs up !

Can u see me hiding behind there?
Cherrie , me , Rae ..
Semua pun Cantik sekali XD

Queen queen =D

Keep kacau while taking photo !
Funny sia ~
Yeahh the propal one..
Take 1

And lastly
Take 2 ~
Well after dinner few of them came to my house for gamble purpose + drink red wine..
What a night, superb enjoy er ^^

国泰晚餐 ~ ♥

Before CNY end..almost 10++ of PR friends going to Ipoh to visit E-Yan and Ivonne house..
Our aim is taking ang pau? heheheh ! This is one of the reason while the second reason is Ivonne's mama going to treat us eat at Kok Thay restaurant...WOOTS !!!
It's so rare that we can having our meal in Ipoh restaurant + many of them going together =D
Is time for gathering guys !

When we reach Ivonne house, none of her family members are in da house..So they start to "open table" again ~ CNY almost every night gamble after back to Kampar, DUHH !
But New Year one year once, it is a must to gamble together la XD

Queen n Me =D She wear until so Liang that day, sexyyyy dou XD sit besides her seems like.......Hahahhha!

MR. R =)
force him to take pic with me >.<
Who is this? Sure is PR gang Top 3 Leng Lui la XD
Elise + Me ^^
Leave me msg then i will intro her to you if u're interested to know her, ngek ngek !!
Pretty Single and Double Ladiesssss ~

Owner of da house, Miss Ivonne XD
Thx for inviting us to ur house yeaaa =D

While gambling, "chik chak" a picture 1st XD

Sohai Qian with both of us =D
She said that she the most pretty lady in our PR group and i agree pun XD

Reflection of us =D

Ivonne, pls lap u mia mirror before we capture next time, heheheh jz joking errr =D

Yeahhh almost dinner time !
Let's get out from da house and start engine, we're heading to KOK THAY =D
Super hungry jor >.<
Got sea cucumber, mushroom, vegetable...WOW DELICIOUS MAN !

One of my favourite !!!!
鳕鱼 aka Cod Fish ~
There are 2 types of cooking style..
Fried VS Steam...
Non-stop eating this !!!
Lemon chicken...
I seldom take so much of chicken since i'm on diet =D
But it's quite delicious ^^

Black Pepper Deer meat...
Elise's favourite...
Her table's one finish jor then she came and stole our's one....HAIZ !! memang greedy la ah moi >.<
Broccoli + Mushroom + Chestnuts + Flammulina ...
Give you a LIKE =D
I got no idea what vege is this but the taste is not bad..

Group photo but is blur...
Elise next time make sure take a nicer one ya ^^
Girly girly XD

Last picture with aunty =D
Once again TQ pretty aunty for treating us such a great meal...
Really appreciate it =)
Still got next time? Hehehhehe...I', looking forward for it..