Thursday, February 10, 2011

Star Cruise in Penang ~ ♥

CNY is here guys !!
As usual i went back to penang on last week..There's a new star cruise in Penang which located in penang port..
I didn't go before so this time is a must for me to get an experience =D
I'm on Boat allllll XD
7 of us going this time including my sis's bf n one of her fren..It's bustling with noise and excitement ^^

We reach at 6pm in da evening..Have to go earlier cz need to Q up to get our pass to get inside, there's lotzz of uncle and aunty going as i observe..What cause this? Casino of course ! Many ppl interested on star cruise because can gamble inside da boat..No need to travel all the way to Genting Highland, it's so convenience for Penang ppl =)

You can check your Genting Card Point through this counter but unfortunately that day was closed.

Yea this is my pass =)

Mine is standing pax cz my dad alr get the room for us..1 room can stay 3 ppls..

I'm ready to get inside da boat !!!
But before that, just simply took some scenery picture of penang bridge view =)
I'm sure at night will look more pretty because of the lighting..
Sis and me..
Casual wear on that day, with a Levi's jean and t-shirt which bought in Thailand..
No make up on that day, cz i'm lazy to put it on XD
We're having our dinner here, Marines Buffet..
Besides buffet, you still got other choice like oriental food, western food, chinese cuisine....

There's quite a number of different dishes for you to choose..
Got my favourite squid, egg, fish etc ect !
The view from deck 7 of the boat..

Including pie, cake, etc !

Ready to makan =DD

After dinner, we having a walk inside the cruise..
There's more than 10 deck here, bigger than the previous cruise, but of course the price is also slightly higher than the previous one..

It's so relaxing when standing there especially when the wind blow..

If you cant get a room, you can take a rest here at midnight to take a short nap..
Inside thelift, heading to karaokay.. =)

Here is the karaokay place..

Me, dad, bro and mum..

Lau's family
Except the guy sitting on the left hand side but he's going to be one of the member of Lau's very soooooon =D
Inside the cruise they also provided manicure service..Just RM10 you can colour your nail with O-P-I nail polish !
It's so cheap and i think is affordable for all of us =D
Casino will start at 9.30pm..
Before going there, we're resting at deck 10..
The wind is sooooo strong !!
Can you see my hair on da above pic? SWT =,=!!
Like kena electric shock like tat a ..

I love this =DD
Hmmmm is time to earn some money from this star cruise, huat aaaa !!

Around 4am in da morning we went for supper in deck 11..
Feeling hunger after gamble for a looooong time..
Unfortunately there's no signal for mobile phone =(
Honeydew juice =)

My supper on that night ~ Wan Tan Soup .

The package is including the breakfast..
Got nasi lemak, porridge, half-boil egg, toast and many many more !!
Sorry i forgot to capture it up >.<
We reach port around 10.30am in da morning..
Super tired ar..
But it's really worth for me as a family trip =D
You guys can pay a visit there if you're in Penang..^^


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