Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Superrrrr Late Post ~ ♥

Ellooooo guys !
I'm back here again ~
I worked almost da whole sem break..
That why i got no time to upload my post !
Sowie =(
I got my Ipod Shuffle for my Xmas presie =D
Thx sis lots !
I can fully utilise this when i go for jogging, woohooo !

Before i start my temporary working life, surely gotta enjoy 1st mer XD
I followed my sis to Kuantan for this time..The last time i went i think is few years ago..We departing at 6am in da morning followed by sis's fren car..He's going with us too..

Breakfast is the most important meal in our daily life right? But unfortunately i dont have the habit of having breakfast everyday..We stop at Ipoh Fu Shan Dim Sum for our breakfast on that day..I remembered it's Sunday, so definately it is FULL HOUSE..

This is the order card..Chinese tea is order per pax..Per pax i think is RM1.50..
For me it's not cheap cz bw's dim sum is more cheaper than this one =D
I remembered the very 1st time i went there it's not in this shop.. Last time's shop is simple and crude, unlike the shop now..They have moved their shop from one place to another place but the distance is very near only..

Me ~ Sis ~ Her fren..

猪肠粉 ~
叉烧包 ~

鱼丸 ~

虾饺 ~

芋头糕 ~

烧卖 ~

This is one of the MUST order item in Fu Shan..
But i forget da name of this >.<

Ngek ngek my new sunglasses =D
Luv it !
After breakfast we continue with our journey again..After 6 hours like tat we finally reach Kuantan..
Soooo tired err ~
Travel for so many hours inside da car >.<
Seasons View is a new hotel in Kuantan..
Since her frens want to stay overnight in Kuantan so they decided to book this hotel ~
But i think this is not the good location cz it's so far from the downtown..
Need around 15-20 minutes to reach city center >.<

The room is quite cheap and it's quite new..
Just RM98 only !

After check-in then we continue with our plan ~
Do you guys watched last year CNY movie?
The scene is took from this place that located in Kampung Nelayan Berserah ~

Reflash back ur memory !
This is the place they practise the lion dance..
The gal selling fish here ~

This place is very comfortable ~
It's near seaside..Visit here if you step into Kuantan !
Next place !
Teluk Cempedak ~
Lots of people take a walk here in da evening and night time..Couples, Family all gather here =)
TC is a very niceeee place to make urself relax here..
When the wind blow, u will forget all the agony in that moment !
Can compete with Batu Feringgi beach in Penang arrr XD

This piazza can go through another beach walkside ~
It's dinner time ~

We went to Lemongrass for dinner..
This is the restaurant that owned by sis's bf family =D
I love spicy food !
So this restaurant is very suit for me to dine in here, muahahah !
You tried Lemongrass water b4?
Hmm you can test it here ~

Prawn ~

Pandan Chicken ~

Tomyam Soup ~

Crab pot ~

Thai fish ~
It's Xmas Eve !
I cant celebrate with my ji mui in bw =(
But at least i can celebarte in Kuantan..
My very 1st time !
So we went to Karaokay + Pub that owned by them oso...

My look on that night ~

These is the workers in da shop ~
They are so friendlyyyy =D
Hug, sing and drink with us together !!
Luv that night lots !!

I wanna try club in all the places that i've been..
So Kuantan i wont miss out the chance oso XD
I choose Platinum..
For me it's quite high class compare with other club in Kuantan..

But they dont like to club but drink ~
So we just went for half an hour i think...LOL shortest time i ever been in club !

His lil brother ~
Last seen him was still a baby boy ~
So fast grown up jor =)
But very naughty errrr XD
It's her birthday !
One of his cousin from KL ~
Once again we celebrate in Lemongrass..

The chef in this restaurant purposely decorate the place cz
want to give her a suprise =D

蒸鱼 ~
伊面 ~

杂菜 ~

黄梨炒饭 ~

芋头糕 ~

Birthday Gal ~
This trip i went for Maroon salon for my curly hair ~~
Maroon is owned by them also..
His aunty treat me for this time =D
I will post my curly hair picture in the next post !

Stay Tune, xoxo !