Friday, October 23, 2009

Promotion for Facial Mask ` ♥


Start from 24th October 2009 ~ 24th November 2009 onwards, whoever who purchase more than RM40 besides will get 1 free facial mask, will also get 1 free eye mask or 1 shiseido blackhead remover that worth (RM2.8).


Customer who purchase 20 pieces of facial mask ( including scheming, dainty, hokkaido lover and chocolate mask ) during this promotion month, will get 3 free facial mask ! ( normally 20 pieces of facial mask is jz free for 2 facial mask)

What are YOU waiting for ?

Contact me on 012-4968098 or (msn + email)

For more information about facial mask, please click the link below ♥

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sick ~ ♥

It has been so long i didn't fall sick alr...

but yesterday morning cough and cold found me =D

they makes me feel sleepy sometimes..

2day more serious, suddenly fell headache and got da feeling that is gonna be a fever..

luckily it's not !

hopefully can eat less and slim a bit during this period la, cz i really gain weight la during the sem break..but i saw a lot of frens oso gain weight liao after the sem break, at hometown sure eat a lot la all of us, haha...

jz nw heard wen jun said that mayb she wont move out from 1320 le, all of my housemate feel happy la for sure =) cz alr stay together for 10 months like tat le, relationship oso close alr ar..

for this sem i really hate mathematics!! i not good at this subjects, omg !! help me god, dowan 2 fail la..

ok la 2day stop at here, tired alr, wanna slp le =D

night night ya, muackz !

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3rd Trimester ~ ♥

happy moment usually past very fast..

sem break finally past and now back 2 study life again..

i really enjoy my sem break very much, almost everyday oso hang out with frens, no pressure at all !

wanna see my picture?

go 2 my facebook profile ya =D

click here ~

after seeing the short fake wig so many days, finally i decided 2 order will reach on 8th of nov, cant wait 2 see it =) and it is not expensive at all !

BB cream ~ i think i gonna order soon 2..WOW ! non-stop keep using money, hope my mask can sell out soon-ly 2 get back the money..hehe ^^

jz now i heard wen jun said she is going 2 move 2 another house for the next year..
OMG! this is a really suprise thing for me because b4 this wen jun, pek ning and me planning not 2 move from our current house..But this is her decision, so i will respect her la =D changing new envirnment mayb is a better life for her la..

so who is going 2 leave besides my room le? not sure, but hopefully is those who are like sampat sampat 1 la..

Pek Ning dont sad la, still got me with u here la, hehe =)