Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Outing =D ♥

Let's have a short update for my holidays.
Recently i keep on going to shopping and everytime i went out, my money sure flew away.
OH GOSH ! must control myself start from now, try to less get out from home but i think sometimes it's quite hard for me because i enjoying da moment when hanging out with frens.
Everything needs money, yumcha, movie, shopping, eating, etc etc..
Hahahah but this is gals ! Without spending money we will feel uneasy i think XD
Is this true? LOL !
Many of them agree with me as well =)

Yea this time i went to QB with asther.
Didn't visit QB for quite a period and i miss Forever 21 .
But unfortunately we got not enuff time for it and gotta visit it on another day.
Do you guys know that nowadays shopping in Penang, plastic bags will not be provided to us, it will costs us RM0.20 if we require for it.
So pls prepare your own recycle bag whenever you going to hypermarket or shopping mall.
But i still not used to it because Kampar still provided plastic bags to us =)

Went to try on top, dress and pants on nichii.
Right now is our pixies time.
My idea again, style of ze day - image-less. =.=
Nowadays many of them prefer cutie pose, but i'm sometimes don't prefer that, do sumting that different maybe better? Hahaha. It's my own theory just ignore it.

I'm going to cut my hair soon.
Still hesitate whether want to cut my fringe or continue to keep it.
Any suggestion?
My hair length will definately become short within 1 month, cut all those spoil jor geh hair XD

High tea time right now !
T.G.I is our choice.
Let's go gals =D

Before that, we hang in "Just Muffins" stall to get some cute cute muffins.
But the price is not that cheap, 6 pieces for RM10, 12 pieces for RM18.

The boxes are cute.

There are many different flavor of muffins, more than 10 types i think.
Besides chocolate, there are kiwi, orange, apple and so on.
But chocolate's flavor look more delicious, so both of us choose chocolate flavor only.
And we get RM5 voucher from the seller, can save up to RM5 for next purchase.
Then we went to TGI after this.

Lemon Tea, RM7.9.
It is refillable =)

Mac and Cheese hers one.
RM14.90 if not mistaken.

And this is mine.
RM10.90 but i forget the name.

Before leave, we capture few photos with Iphone =)
This is using da front camera, but the pictas is still okay nt that blur.
So we love to use Iphone to capture when hanging out now
This is da end of ze day^^

Thursday, May 19, 2011

3 days work ~ ♥

Lalalala I work as a furniture fair promoter for 3 days ~
Same as last year, work for Kamay Company..
But this time Frances didn't work 2gether with me because she is having her exam, so i have to arrange my transportation by myself.. =)
Coincidence i manage to get work for Ah Be as well, so i stay at her house for the working days..
Thanks for allowing me to stay at ur house ^^
We got more time to stick together with each other for these 3 days - shop, eat, sleep, yum cha, work, we do everything together in these days..
Feeling gooood ^^

I went at thursday and we decided go to Kim Gary for our dinner @ 1st avenue..

Free-make up day.

Ah be .

Sign up for Kim Gary member card and get ur FREE MEAL for every month !
Sign up fee is RM15 =)

We're quite full on that night so we plan to just order for one set..
Lemon tea.

Tomato Soup .
My favourite !

French Toast and this is yummy !

You guys must try this.
One of my favourite as well..Seafood Stone Rice.

Sauce of it.
Cotton On shop !
My previous blog got mentioned tat i lost my Cotton On cloth in the train while on the way back from KL to Kampar.
So this time i decided to get it back @ here.

Try this and that.
But finally i get what i want =D

Before going for movie - Fast and Furious 5, went for Chatime for a drink.
This shop selling some drink that similar to bubble milk tea.
I guess almost all of the people especially gals love bubble milk tea right? XD

Need to Q up for a quite long time.

The top ranking tea.
You can choose whether how many % of sugar and ice, i feel this is great because consumer can choose base on their own taste.

It's a Thursday night and we are going to have a drink with a friend.
Who is that?
You will know after this =)

Went to Upper Penang Road @ Segafredo.

Muahhahaah !
The answer is Vincent. He came to Penang with his family for vacation.
So we meet up for a drink on that night.
But we went back around 1am like that cz the next day we need to work, so have to rest earlier..

This is the exhibitor's list and the plan for the furniture fair.

Kamay got it's own uniform, so we have to wear it when we're working..
My look on the 1st day.
I look tired but quite excited on 1st day.

I'm shock because the style and the decoration got a huge different on this year compare with last year. I love the way that all the chairs put in a 3-storey rack.

And we got the Best Design Award 2011 for this year.
Congratss Kamay =D

We going back around 9.30pm on that night.
Then we went for Heritage Coffee with Ah Be's sister for a drink and chit-chatting session.
I have not been here before, but i pass by here millions of time XD
Now finally got the opportunity to drop by and lim teh.
It is just besides the GMC Penang Hospital.

Quite alot of people on that night because it is Friday night.
Got a live band performance there too.

My watermelon juice =)

Latte Coffee.

Tomato soup again .

Garlic bread.
One tips here. Dont ever order Garlic bread here because it is tasteless and it is not tasty at all.
I'm sorry to said that =(

But do order this one.
Chicken with cheese and ham.
I think it is similar with Golden Blue.
The taste is not bad especially the mash potato, wootss !
I'm so happy to said that my sales for this year is better compare with last year.
Yeahhhh ! Congratulations LSY =D

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cameron Highland 2011 ~ ♥

Finally finals is done !
And imma enjoying my holidays right now, woohooo !
But before all of us going back to hometown, we're a trip to Cameron =D
Since some of them didn't went there before, so it's a nice place to visit due to the weather is cooling, love it !

We're using da old road but not the new old..
By using this road, there are quite alot of places that you can visit.
One of it is this - waterfall !
I have not been to waterfall before, so i'm feeling excited !

One of Alex's friend but we address her as @ cousin =D

Unfortunately we didn't bring extra pants or cloths and we're wearing skirts on that day, so we cant get down into the waterfall to play 99 =(
It's okay there is always another chance =D
So wat we can do is, took off our shoes and step into the water =)
OMG it's soooooo COOL since the weather in Kampar is freaking hot, so we do enjoy the moment !!

Last picture taken before we leaving da places .
I'm gonna visit you again, see ya !
Yea we continue with our journey..
We're sooo tired, all of us fall asleep while on the way to Tea Farm expect the driver =D
Thx alot to them ^^

Here we are !
All of that are tea leaves..
Do you guys know the brand of @ Lipton or Boh?
Those Tea i think i come from cameron =)

We met one of the guy come from France..
He is friendly and wanted to take some photo with we gals =)
1,2,3 let's smile babess ^^

You must try the Strawberry ice-cream in cameron,it is super duper licious !

Next we're heading to another place to grab some strawberry flavour food ¬

Hahhahah jumping pose again !
Take 1 failed..
Alex pls dont kacau !!

Take 2 =)
Nice one !

Here is the strawberry farm.

Fried ice-cream .
This cost RM3.90

And this cost RM6.90.
It's a pancake with the vanilla ice-cream and strawberry flavour syrup.

Strawberry yogurt ..
But too bad i dont like yogurt that much =(

Next we're heading to the chocolate strawberry stall ..
Luckily that shop still operate at that time..
If not Emi and Alex sure EMO because they love this very much !

This is real nice and try this when you're there..
It just cost RM2 per stick .

Temple here we come !

Those fish are so cute =D
Fat fat like that, hahahhaha !

Dinner time.
Now is almost 6pm..
All of us are straving !!!
What is the best meal when you're located in a cooling place?
Oh yeah is Steamboat !

OMG is so nice !
We choose Tomyam and Herbal as our soup..

This meal cost RM20 per person including tea .
It is not expensive because almost all the shop there is charging this kind of rate..

Before we going back to Kampar, let's take some of the picture again !

Look at her face, muahahahha !
Kesian sia ..

Here is the end of our trip ..
Although all of us is super tired because we straight travel after exam and before the exam night all of us do not slp well..
But we're having a super nice trip, cant wait for another trip but i wonder is where? hehehe...
Penang here i come !
Gonna back to penang after this .